Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bless You


When someone sneezes around here it's pretty much common to say "Bless You".

My momma taught me this ... along with my southern manners.  Makes for awkward situations like this one, but yeah...

So, living down here in the Bible belt, I never really stopped to think about the fact that Bless You is just my knee jerk reaction.  I never really stop and think about exactly what I'm saying.

Do you?

Do you notice when you tell an absolute stranger bless you?

Do you mean it?

I guess what really got me thinking was when my Indian co-worker sneezed and I said Bless You.  Then I wondered ... is it appropriate to say that to a guy who I know is a Hindu?

and once again ... do I really mean it?

You know even though I may not actually speak the words of blessings of Jesus, I do mean it.  I do wish that God will bless my co-worker.  I do wish that he will one day know the joy of Jesus Christ.

I do really wish for God to bless every individual that sneezes.

I have also been thinking about the Completing Him marriage challenge which I totally did not post on because Monday was crazy busy.  This week's challenge is to pray for your husband.

I am so bad about prayers.  What a horrible thing for a Christian to admit, right?

One time during college I was a leader for a Campus Fellowship group.  We had some of the leaders go pray during service.  So, I volunteered.  Two or three of us went to the back room and prayed while the Bible study was going on (I may have been trying to impress a boy).  I prayed ... and then I feel asleep.

At least I woke up before the service was over.

So, for help with this I consult this verse --

1 Thessalonians 5:16-18 (New International Version)

 16Be joyful always; 17pray continually18give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.

One of the suggestions from the praying challenge is to say a prayer for your husband every time you take your wedding ring off.

I love that idea!  

I'm going to try to pray more, to live my life more in prayer.  To think more about God on a daily basis.  To see the bigger picture.  To pray more for my husband.  and to really mean it when I say "Bless you"

and I'm definitely not going to stop blessing all the sneezing people

(kinda the same way I can't stop saying yes m'am)   


I need guest bloggers!!!!!!

I will be away for the most part of next week at my sister - in - law's wedding.  Next Wednesday is also my 3rd Anniversary so I want to have a Week of Weddings.

I would love to feature a guest poster talking about any part of your wedding that you would like to talk about from July 5th - July 11th.  That's next Monday to next Sunday.  (I call Wednesday)

Please let me know if you are interested!!!!!!



  1. I got in the habit a few years ago of telling people to have a blessed day rather than a good one, to wish/pray blessings instead of luck, and put a wish for blessings as my signature line on my e-mail (except at work). Just quiet little reminders that all good things come from God and we are blessed!

    Any news on the job front?

  2. P.S. I have never guest posted and my wedding was extremely non-traditional but if no one else steps up I can take one of those dates. Let me know.

  3. I guess "Bless You" is really more of a knee-jerk reaction.

    I do say short prayers during the day and then try to have my "big talk" with God at night...and I usually end up falling asleep.

  4. wow! never thought of saying bless you as a knee-jerk reaction, however, I guess it could be. I do mean it though when I say it. Excellent post! have a blessed evening!! (yes, I truly mean that!!)

  5. yes I say bless you everytime someone sneezes thats that southern thing i guess. I know this was not meant to be a funny post but it reminded me of a skit Dane Cook did on this exact thing, hang on let me find it..

    Im not good at praying either but i try to when i go to bed.. i may not get down on my knees but before i fall asleep i have a conversation with god in my head... does that count?

  6. I say 'bless you' when people sneeze, but I don't think I mean it that way. I mean it when I say it to family, but I've never really thought about the meaning behind what I'm saying when it's a stranger. That's terrible, right?! Something to think about...

  7. We did both "bless you" and Gesundheit (which I think is German for that but I never think of that :)). Now I just say Gesundheit for the reasons you outlined BUT, like Beth, I have started saying "Have a blessed day," and then try my best to remember to actually pray for them for blessings. But I like your idea of really meaning it with the sneezes too, so I may have to try that. Thank you for the cute Word-Filled Wednesday pix and the wonderfully inspirational Bible verses - some of my favorites! :) And do have a wonderfully blessed week!

  8. I say God bless you and like you I do hope all of those I say god bless to are blessed by god.

    I need to get better about praying. I do pray but I need to do it more.

  9. Stopping by from iFellowship! I dont pray near enough or long enough. Thanks for sharing today! Come by my blogs when you get a chance!

  10. Honestly, "bless you' is just something I say when someone sneezes. And I love Jesus! I should put more thougth into it. Have you read The Power of a Praying Wife by Stormie O'Martian? It's such a good book, and really taught me how to pray for my man! I hope you have time to stop by, b/c prayer was heavy on my heart this morning too. Stopping by from Shell's PYHO. :)

  11. So what if you're like me and you *never* take your wedding ring off? No prayers? Just curious :)

  12. What a great thought!
    Blessings to you from iFellowship,
    Sue :)

  13. I have developed a habit of saying "Blessings" to folk as I sign off a post or phone call...and I usually try to breath a small prayer that He will.
    I think the language of the Kingdom can be used at times in our counter culture can cause people to pause and comprehend something a little different.
    It is gentle and gracious.


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