Saturday, June 19, 2010

Introducing my LiveJournal

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Ok Mama Cass ... your 2nd look Saturday intrigued me ... and inspired me to look up my old LiveJournal account.  Yup ... LiveJournal.  Scary.  and I say scary because my LiveJournal was written between 2004 - 2007, by far the craziest time of my life ... college!

so after reading through some of my old thoughts, and crying because the majority of the comments were from Matt I'm ready to share with you

Today, I'm just going to share one entry, but I hold the  privilege to sometimes share more than one.

Welcome to a blast from the past

Here we go .....


mood:  content
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so, this is the third time i have tried to start a journal. i'm always like, hey this would be so much fun and it is for the like 3 days i keep up w/ it. but now i'm gonna try to keep it up, so post comments and encourage me, b/c if i'm just doing this for the heck of it, i just might stop. man, i gotta study so much this week and look at me, i'm starting a journal. i've got a physics test on thursday and a history test on friday. its nice to be sitting at home at 1:30 on a monday instead of sweating like crazy at band practice. i don't know what to do w/ all the time, i should be studying though. who wants to study? not i! this weekend was so much fun. i had a great time going to tenn and of course Auburn won. 5-0, wow thats so awesome, or AUsome, hehe. and LaTech (our next opponent) upset number 17 Fresno state this weekend, a nobody for real, how odd. i really don't like my 9:00 chemistry class. he just stands up there a mumbles about nothing, so of course i don't pay attention. i guess i just go b/c it makes me feel better to be in class instead of not being there. and then history w/ the southern gentleman and the tardy nazi. yeah, the gta is like 50 and she yells at you if you are 1 minute late and then makes you sit on the floor even if your seat is like two in, so annyoing. i was an obnoxious fan this weekend, i actually started to lose my voice, and it takes alot for me to get hoarse. and i won money playing poker! i feel so special, it was fun. we had a two dollar buy-in and it was like 30 minutes till curfew and billy and me were the only ones left and we were tired, so we spilt the money, so i got 6 dollars and made 4. it payed for my lunch on saturday, so the lousy 20 dollar per-deim actually left me w/ ten dollars, yay more cash! and justin says he'll never play poker w/ me again, i hope thats not true (making sad face). i guess i'm gonna go study, or procransinate, you know, something like that. late classes stink... 
peace out (that's fun to say, hehe) 


  1. really? i used to have an account there, too. wait, i had 2(!) accounts there :)

  2. I have never heard of LiveJournal.

    Isn't it weird to go back and read old stuff like that??

    I don't know who Matt is. ??

  3. I don't know who Matt is either.

    I love going back and reading old things. Sometimes it feels like someone else wrote them.


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