Friday, June 11, 2010


Have you been wondering why I haven't been posting as often ... or why my posts are so simple ... or worse, why I've been such a bad friend and haven't been to visit as often?
VBS = Vacation Bible School at church ... I'm home for maybe 10 minutes (if I'm lucky) and then we are off to VBS.  I LOVE VBS!!!!!  There are some of my favorite summer memories, and I hope one day they will be my girls wonderful medicine too!  Well today, I remembered my camera!

We went into the sanctuary before everyone came ... dinner was taking longer than usual.
When we made our way to dinner, Leah at her chicken fingers and Audrey at my cup...
and then Leah was off to VBS ... an old pro at this whole 'leaving mommy' thing ... you know she's been doing this for 3 days now, lol!

There is an adult bible study during the kid's VBS, but Audrey was a bit fussy so we went for a stroller ride around church first ... and of course since I had my camera, I just had to take some pictures of ...
flowers ... I love them!
the sun and the Tennessee mountains ... aren't they amazing!
I call this "abandoned playground"
my church ... I love the cross made from the stained glass windows
We went back to bible study and Audrey ate dinner.  People held her, but she wanted to ride again, so we went to the prayer garden
Here are some of the angels in the prayer garden
What is it about statues that makes them seem kinda creepy?
We went back inside for the closing songs
Leah was so proud of her flower bracelet
and then we went to go get Daddy ... usually we walk around Office Max for about 45 minutes, but tonight Leah was so tired she fell asleep in the 5 minute ride from church
So I took a new self portrait ... and like 200 pictures not shown here ... and now I'm going to sleep!  Night!

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  1. I was honestly just thinking 30 seconds ago about you and was wondering where you've been and how you are doing. I used to love VBS!

  2. Oh wow this was an amazing post. Loved all of the pictures. What a fun day the little one is sleeping. Which mean a lot of fun. Yeah.. Thanks for taking the time to link up.. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. We just finished up VBS this week too! Makes for a crazy week, huh?! Love all your pictures! Looks like you're into photography too! You're in good company here!

  4. hi. checking in from FFF at hannah's. your "babies" are beautiful.

  5. Found your blog through Hannah's today. I am now a follower. Bible school is always a wonderful but stressful week. My kids have been going this week too but just not at our church. Ours isn't until next month, so I still have some time to prepare.

  6. Found your blog through Friday Fragments at Mrs4444. LOVE your pictures! I am a southern girl myself from SC, and I LOVED VBS too at my church when I was a kid! Hopefully I'll be back often! Happy Friday!

  7. I always loved VBS, too, but my kids (who attend every year) don't love it so much and I wonder why. Maybe the regular program during the year is now as exciting as VBS? Now I'll fess up: it took me a while to see the cross in that window picture.

  8. I love VBS too, I taught many VBS classes and actually steered one one year. As a child I went too. Love your pictures of your church, I think stone Angels are wonderful.

  9. so that's VBS...sorry, i never heard of it before. looks like leah is really having fun.

  10. I love VBS too; only because my grand kids like it so much. The photo of the sky is should enter that into a photo of the day contest! The girls are so beautiful!
    Happy FF and have a blessed weekend.

  11. That cross is neat!! Whoever designed that was super creative!

  12. Great pictures! What a beautiful blog you have!
    I'm visiting from FFF. Nice to meet ya!

  13. Ohhh I LOVED all your pics :)

  14. Great pictures. Love the one of your sweetie crashed in the car. That is sweet.

  15. Ooooo, I LOVE the flowers. The processing is just beautiful!

  16. Gotta love the summer memories. My grandma used to send us to bible school when we would visite her in the summer.

  17. Cute pics! Love her flower bracelet. I remember making those when I was little too! Brought back memories just seeing it! Thanks for sharing!


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