Thursday, June 17, 2010

Father's Day Collage

Are you a procrastinator?

Oh come on ... you know you are ... I am ... for sure!

just ask my husband ... on the other hand don't because I don't wanna hear it

Well, I have the PERFECT solution for all you procrastinators who are still looking for a Father's day gift.  Or if you just don't want to give another tie / golf ball / wallet this year.

What is it?

A personalized 8x10 collage with up to 5 photos!  You are guaranteed to love it!

and at only $5 ... it's not going to break the bank too!!!!

This is an example (with my hubby and girls)

Of course it's personalized ... so it's with YOUR pictures, YOUR saying and YOUR style!  You can be as specific or as general as you want!

and the best part is ...

You get the picture OVERNIGHT!

The next step is to either have your picture sent to wherever you print pictures (its 3.23 at Walgreens), pick up a frame and there you go!

The perfect Father's Day picture that he will see and cherish forever!

Want more info?  Or to order one for yourself?  Click the button below --

and I hope the Dads in your life enjoy their day!

Just because I feel like ... I wanna play a game!
6 Truths and 1 Lie
Rules -- I'm going to list 7 statements below ... 6 of them will be true, 1 is a lie and you get to guess which one is the lie.

  1. I have tendinitis in my wrists from playing handbells
  2. I broke my ankle as a child on Christmas Eve
  3. I work in an immunology lab even though I failed immunology in college
  4. I'm one of the few Southerners who don't like Sweet Tea or Coke
  5. We moved to Nashville because I got a job at Vanderbilt
  6. The diamond in my ring is my Mother-in-law's diamond from the ring my Father-in-law proposed with
  7. The year after I graduated, they removed my degree from Auburn
The degree I hold from Auburn is no longer available!  It was a pretty small degree -- Molecular Biology -- and now it is combined with Biological Sciences ... so now on most websites that's what I have to claim too!



  1. is the lie number 3?

    like this game..

  2. that is beautiful! Lie number 3


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