Thursday, June 17, 2010

Soundtrack to My Life

Last week, one of the prompts at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop was to make a soundtrack of your life.  I really wanted to post on this, but was unable to because I was super busy last Thursday.  So, I'm going to share with y'all today!

You are also supposed to explain why this song is special / relevant and pick a line from it to back up your statement.  Well, I'm just going to let the statement(s) speak for themselves.  I'm going to try really hard from just posting 10 songs here, lol!

I feel like I'm channeling my husband today.  One of his absolute favorite things to do is to read into the lyrics of songs, and I have him to thank for allowing me to see more than catchy parts of songs.  I highly recommend listening to the lyrics to all your favorite songs!

These are in no real order --

--This is mine and Andrew's "song" -- I can not find one line that just embodies the song ... holy poop this is hard!  I really want to just copy and paste all they lyrics 

... but I like having readers ... so I linked the song titles to there lyrics

"It's been a year / Filled with problems / But now you're here / Almost as if to solve them / And I can't live in a world without you now"

"The best thing that could be happening / And I think you would agree / The best thing is that it's / Happening to you and me"

Red Sam – Flyleaf (go read it ... will give you chills)

"The warmth of your embrace / Melts my frostbitten spirit / You speak the truth and I hear it / The words are I love you / And I have to believe in you"

I so hate consequences – Relient K -- amazing song!

"And I so hate consequences / And running from you is what my best defense is / Consequences / Oh God, don't make me face up to this"

Beauty from Pain – SuperChic[k] this song got me through the depression of being pregnant when not planned

"After i've cried my last, there'll be beauty from pain / Though it won't be today, / Someday i'll hope again / And there'll be beauty from pain / You will bring beauty from my pain"

Last Night - Skillet Andrew's song for me

"The last night you'll spend alone / I'll wrap you in my arms and I won't let go / I'm everything you need me to be"

Falls Apart – Thousand Foot Krutch

it falls apart, / seems like everything i touch, falls apart, / everything around me, falls apart, / when i walk away from you."

"and i've contrived some sort of a plan to help my fellow man / let's get emotional girls to all wear mood rings / so we'll be tipped off to when they're ticked off / cause we'll know just what they're thinking"

Disaster – Since October 

"everytime that i've lost it all and death is calling me / i understand this is what saved my life again"

Pieces - Red one of Andrew's favorite

"Then I'll see your face / I know I'm finally yours / I find everything I thought I lost before / You call my name / I come to you in pieces / So you can make me whole"

I am understood – Relient K I cried when they performed this live

"You looked into my life and never stopped / And you're thinking all my thoughts / Are so simple, but so beautiful / And you recite my words right back to me / Before I even speak / You let me know, I am understood"

Just because I feel like ... I wanna play a game!
6 Truths and 1 Lie
Rules -- I'm going to list 7 statements below ... 6 of them will be true, 1 is a lie and you get to guess which one is the lie.

  1. I have tendinitis in my wrists from playing handbells
  2. I broke my ankle as a child on Christmas Eve
  3. I work in an immunology lab even though I failed immunology in college
  4. I'm one of the few Southerners who don't like Sweet Tea or Coke
  5. We moved to Nashville because I got a job at Vanderbilt
  6. The diamond in my ring is my Mother-in-law's diamond from the ring my Father-in-law proposed with
  7. The year after I graduated, they removed my degree from Auburn
#2 is TRUE!  I was wearing footie pajamas (in 4th grade .. what?) and my sister and I were skipping and chasing each other on Christmas Eve.  I fell and turned my ankle ... and my mom heard it pop.  I crawled around all day on Christmas day, and then I got a pink cast!

Have you guessed yet?


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  1. I saw RED in concert last October and they were awesome.. they played with some of my fave rock bands Papa roach, seether, staind.. I didnt know they were christian but they are AWESOME!


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