Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Barefoot Week

Over at Iheartfaces it is barefoot week!

This is a non-judged post, so you can have as many pictures as you want, and I am all over that!  I love not wearing shoes ... like your typical barefoot southern gal ... yup that's me!

This week is extra special too ... featuring Soles for Shoes
Did you know they are Nashville based?  How cool is that!  If you click the button it will take you to the website.  This is an awesome charity ... I think I'm going to go home and find some shoes to donate!  I know we have some 
I'd rather be barefoot, hehe

I love bare - feet
brand new baby feet

bare-feet on Christmas morning

bare-feet just chillin' around the house

Mommy and baby bare-feet

even swollen pregnant bare-feet

bath-time bare-feet

bare-feet and bubbles!

and a couple of pages scrapped with bare-feet in mind!


  1. Love all the bare feet! Especially the bath time shot...adorable :D

  2. Oh there is just nothing like baby bare feet! All of your shots are awesome!!

  3. Ohhh I love baby feet especially newborn baby feet!

  4. lovin' the bath baby feet :)

  5. Cute bare foot photos! I do not like to go barefoot! It's hard to believe that I live in the south!!! The last day of school I allowed my pre-k students to go barefoot during center time, this is the first time that we have taken off our shoes and you should have seen them wiggling their toes in the air! Thanks for sopping by my post!

  6. So fun! I love, love the one of her on the arm of the chair. I love her crossed ankles! So cute.


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