Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Diets Suck

Welcome to the inaugural post of a new MEme, created for you to vent!  Vent...about what, you ask?  Well, glad you asked.

I have been inspired by the high numbers on the scale and the cookies in the break room to start a Linky full of people venting about diets, weight-loss or lack thereof, the tiny co-worker always complaining about not being able to lose those past invisible pounds, your sister who is tiny but complains about being fat, those last five pounds stuck to your hips that will not disappear, the fact that the first weight to leave is in your boobs...and so on and so forth!

Write a post, link up that specific post to MckLinky, and then go visit some other people and empathize with them.  And just so you know, there is no judging here...feel free to confess eating that oh so delicious cookie or doughnut...I'm sure I will!

And grab my button too!

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An Emotional Rollercoaster

It all started with a call; a cell phone ring somewhere in the pit of her purse. Her face lit up at the name on the caller id. The smile on her face quickly turned into a look of concern. Her fiancĂ© confided in her that he didn’t feel well, and it had to do with the feeling in his feet. She recalled some complaints from the depths of her mind over the past few days. Something about a constant tingle in his feet, but she had filled them away as nothing; just some innocent complaining. Did she miss something?

They enter the hospital, emergency room entrance. They wait, and try to ignore the growing worry. A name sounds in the distance; it is their turn to go back. The doctors look, ask questions, run tests. The doctors’ faces show concern and worry and worst, confusion. They must now travel to a larger hospital in a larger city.

More cell phones ring. She calls her mom. Her mom calls siblings, children, friends. A call rings up to heaven, many calls to be exact. Family rush to cars and made the trip over to the hospital. Everyone who could came to comfort her, but all she wanted, all she needed was the health of her fiancé.

The next few hours and days all combine into one large blur. A diagnosis is determined: Guillain-Barre Syndrome; a rare complication that can cause paralysis. Although the future is unknown, the doctors now look hopeful.

A nurse takes her aside. “I need you to fill out some paperwork. And we need to see your health insurance card,” she innocently requests. Except there is no card to present; they have no health insurance. Appointments are made to discuss what will happen next with payment, but everyone assures her they will make him better.

Family come, family leave. Family give money so she skips work. Family buy meals. Family spend time together. She holds her baby niece and tries to forget about the worries that tomorrow may bring; the uncertainty that waits ahead. She tries to forget that barely three days in, they have racked up a bill of $60,000. Tries, but the worry keeps her up at night.

Every visiting second is precious and spent with him. One night, her turns to her; “Will you marry me here and now? I don’t want to wait any longer.” Her eyes tear, her heart flies, but her hopes are dashed. “Calmer” heads claim he is making rash decisions and it’s only the drugs speaking. They will have to figure a way through the next few months in separate houses. She tries to believe that it will be ok, but the thoughts in her mind just will not allow her to rest.

A joyous day finally arrives. A room to his own, and soon a trip back home. They have beaten the syndrome and now must face the recovery. A hospital bill to be paid, a wedding that has been moved to a new location and an earlier date, a job, classes, and most importantly a “cranky and frustrated 25-year old” all need her attention.

This story has no ending because it is not over yet. It is based (loosely) on my sister-in-law’s last few weeks. I highly doubt the details are correct, but I know the emotion is. I wanted to write this sooner, but the words just didn’t seem to come until today with the tears. I love my SIL like a sister and wish so much that I could be with her to help her through these tough times. The family has started a donation account, and if you feel that you can donate towards medical bills, wedding plans or just the lose of income please contact my brother-in-law Josh at for the wire transfer number. If you would like to specify your donation, just tell him. If you want to send them cards or anything through the mail, contact me at, and I will make sure they get them.

Please know, I didn’t write this to beg for donations. I wrote it to share a story that is plaguing our family now. I wrote it to update you from past post I have written. And mainly, I wrote it to ask for your prayers and good thoughts. God will help them through this, I am certain about that…but it will be hard, and it may not feel like He is there at all times. That; I know of…

Thank you friends for reading.

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Love those Eyes

This is what my baby does while the two year runs, jumps, slides and swings.  I love her expression here!  Visit Lisa at A Long Road to China for more Black and White Wednesdays
the long road
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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

oh no...I've discovered Picnik.  I love you Andrew...I promise.  Really I do.  Oh, I am for sure starting a photography on the look-out yall!  It's coming!

A Walk

I ate my lunch in like five minutes today, so instead of reading my novel like I normally would, I decided to take a walk. It is just a beautiful day today, so I took a walk around Vanderbilt's undergrad campus. I pretended to blend in with the college kids...I still look like one anyway. Although I should probably invest in a backpack if I really wanted to fit in. I am surprised that I have worked here for a year and a half, but I have never really just walked around campus and looked at the buildings. It is beautiful, oh so pretty! So, I want to share it with all of you! I'm going to start bringing my camera to work with me, and take it on these walks. Hopefully I will be able to get out every day. It will also help with the Flab to Fab challenge!
I challenge you to get out sometime during the day and go for a walk! Baby not sleeping for nap time? Put him/her in the stroller and go walking. Tired of sitting at the computer? Take 5 minutes and step outside. It is amazing, and I am so excited that I finally did it! Oh, and don't is going to take me months to chronicle Vandy...there's the undergrad campus, the hospital, Children's hospital, Peabody campus, and all the wonderful neighbor hoods around here! Hmmmm...maybe I will start that photography blog :-)

I must admit...I was very jealous of the students lounging on the grass doing homework or whatnot...oh to be in college again...

I wove my sister


I love participating in this meme.  I've kinda used it as a come up with things that make me happy that aren't my kids and hubby.  But this is just too good, I have to break this challenge.  During our two weekend tour of Alabama (or Amabama) we stopped to have dinner with my sister and my best friend.  After eating, Leah wanted to hold Audrey.  So they both sat in Andrew's lap, and while he was holding them she looked at him and said
"I wove my sistwer."
for the first time.  Here is how it looked in photos (I give credit for these to my wonderful best friend Ruth)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere

I'm going all Rambling Man on this Random Tuesday!


I tried cooking Sunday.  I picked a slow cooker recipe...easy right?  Just put all the ingredients in the cooker, put the top on, turn it on low and wait.  Right?  It called for a bottle of Italian dressing among other things.  Yes, 16 oz...I thought twice about it, but did it anyway.  It was DISGUSTING!  We'll see how long it is before I try cooking again...

This is what I see when I walk to my apartment everyday...
The cover on the light broke and now it is just hanging there...wanna a closer look?
I wonder when they are going to fix it?  and then I wonder if they even know its broken?  Someone cleaned up the mess from the broken box...
I'm paranoid its going to fall on me so I walk around it everyday.

In true Yo Gabba Gabba fashion...Leah, show us your silly face

I love Easter!  ...the Christian aspect and the finding eggs part!  The best eggs where the ones that you opened up and they had a dollar in them!  Although, to this day I do not know how the eggs were hidden in our yard.  For Real!  We got ready and went to church in the morning.  I always did a look through the front visible eggs.  We would go to church...the whole family...I mean I say my Mom and Dad there.  Then we would go home and there were eggs in the yard!  What?  How did that happen...  Andrew mentioned that we went to Sunday school, so maybe they drove back home to hide them then ... or maybe the Easter bunny came and put them in our yard.  Yup, that has to be what happened...

Marty, show us your silly face...

I'm starting a new Meme!  Yay!  It's inspired by this post.  It's called the Diets Suck meme.  We are all going to get together and write up a post about anything that is irking you regarding dieting, weight loss, your skinny co-worker who eats like a pig, the other tiny co-worker who complains about not being able to lose those last five pounds, the donuts in the break room.  You know...that kind of stuff...  I made a button too.  I think I'm going to make it bigger...I'll work on it tomorrow...

Just Thinkin'
Come back on Thursday and vent...

The doctor recommended more tummy time to work on Audrey's arm strength.  She is so cute while on her tummy, and who am I to waste a perfect photo opp?  I'm a veteran mommy right... so I know that my baby throws up alot...and easily.  Can you guess where this is going?

can you?

huh? huh? huh?

Figured it out yet?

Yeah...I should have known better...

I take alot of pictures...I'm thinking of starting a photography blog.  You know, like the hubby doesn't already complain about how much I blog.  But with a photo blog, I could put pictures like these on it and not have a super long the one I am finishing...

But's all for RAndOm TueSdaY!  Check out the Un Mom for more random fun!

Flab to Fab!

I am very excited to participate with the Flab to Fab Blogger Challenge.  Ok, so I'm not an 'official' contestant...I didn't even know about it until to today.  I am totally pulling for my girl Jia though.  Oh, you didn't know you were my girl?  Well, I'm not a stalker, I promise.  I just read quietly sometimes...  But yeah, she is an amazing person!  When I read that you can compete even if not for prizes, I am all in.  And I mean ALL in...ALL 220 pounds of me.  Ick, can not wait to lose that!

My Stats:
Height:  5'3"
Weight:  220 lbs
BMI:  39.0


This is me in January of 2004.  I think it is important for me to post pictures of what I looked like in the past so I know I can reach that goal again.

This is me in January 2010.  Wow, what a difference 6 years, 2 babies and a lack of self discipline can do.  Just so you know, it is really hard for me to post pictures of myself.  I hate the way I look, because in my mind's eye, I am that girl from 2004 fitting into my size 8 jeans, not tiny, but just right.  

Whew, I'd rather be behind the camera...  Well as anyone who has tried to diet knows, they suck!  Diets are hard.  Obviously I let myself eat what I shouldn't have, slacked off on exercising and made bad decisions.  I don't expect to be perfect in my quest to lose the weight.  So, I was thinking of having a day for anyone and everyone to vent about diets, food, your coworker who eats candy everyday and is a size 4, the pastries in the breakroom that you really really wanted.  What do yall think?  Do you wanna play along?  I'm thinking we have a "Diets Suck.  Complain here" day on Thursdays.  It is far enough that you have stuff to complain about from the week, plus you can see the weekend and fun nights with lots of food on the horizon.  Oh, and Thursdays are the day that our break room is piled high with Panera Bread pastries and cookies and bagels and muffins and ... I will eat them, lol!  Thanks for your input!  and I hope you join me and Flab to Fab in becoming healthy again!

Just Thinkin'

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Drama drama

So today's theme at I heart faces is a dramatic black and white photo.  I chose this picture because it just screams drama to me.  We are currently fighting our way through the wonderful terrible twos with Leah, and she is for sure a drama queen.

Sometimes just taking a picture helps to lessen the tension!  Check out I Heart Faces for more dramatic and emotional black and white photos!

Walking Around

I have discovered something that makes me really happy.  It also wastes alot of time.  No, no its not blogging... I have discovered that Picasa makes mosaic collages and all you have to do is drag your photos over.  The software does it, and it is so much fun!  I have been making tons of collages with our photos.  I'll share some later, promise!

For today, I found some pictures taken pretty recently after we moved to Nashville in the summer of 2008.  My sister, mom and Mema came to visit, and we toured like tourists!  Sometimes living in a tourist attraction city is fun.  There is always something new for us to discover.

Feel free to click on the picture for a better view!  I hope you enjoy this Sunday look at Nashville.  Next weekend, I will have pictures from the Easter Egg Hunt!

Unknown Mami

Friday, March 26, 2010

30 before 30 list

Happy Birthday to E, Myself and I!  She has her 'golden birthday' today...26 on March 26th.  For her birthday she is hosting a fun blog hop...listing 30 things to do before you turn 30!  I turn 25 in less than a month, April 15th!  Here is my list.  Some of them are big things that will take all five years, while others are things I could complete this weekend.  I really enjoyed writing all of them down, and hope yall enjoy reading them as well.  Go ahead and write your own list and make Elizabeth's birth-day by linking up at her blog as well!!!

30 before 30

  • Buy or rent a home
  • Go see a Dave Ramsey live event
  • Be debt free (except for a house if we buy one)
  • Complete my Masters in Education
  • Become a teacher
  • Go on a cruise...without kids
  • Take my girls to Disney World
  • Paint the rooms in our apartment
  • Blow up and print photos I took myself and hang up around the house
  • Take the girls to the Tennessee Aquarium
  • Be successful at being a Macaroni Publisher Mom
  • Make a good latte at home
  • Throw a rocking wedding (vow-renwal) and party on our fifth anniversary (July 7, 2012)
  • Do something crafty and be happy about it
  • Loss weight to eventually weigh 150 pounds...(follow at the bottom of my blog)
  • Hold a monthly/weekly bible study at my house
  • Bake a holiday meal by myself
  • Have a random guy at a bar buy me a drink!
  • Host a family reunion … both on the Killion and the Hoit side
  • Go see a movie at the I-Max
  • Give special homemade gifts for Christmas
  • Meet my neighbors…and take them cookies!
  • Walk in a half-marathon…like the Country Music Marathon held every year right here in Nashville!
  • Play 18 holes of golf with my husband
  • Take a scrapbooking class and finish baby books for both girls
  • Teach piano lessons to someone
  • March in the Auburn Alumni Band
  • Go to an NFL football game, preferably a Titan's game
  • Go visit a winery...or 2 or 3 or 4...
  • Have another baby?

Random Fragments

I'm feeling pretty fragmented today. I'm also feeling alot of posts that I want to write today! Is it bad or annoying when people write more than one post a day? There are just so many fun things I want to participate in, plus I have a personal post. Maybe I'll write that one tomorrow...

Mommy's Idea

Well, onto Friday Fragments from Mrs. 4444. Go check out her blog and visit some more fragmented people's blogs!

The entire family is getting over colds and such, so we have been taking turns visiting the doctor. Andrew took the girls to the doctor on Tuesday. When they weighed them, Leah (2.5 years old) weighs 28 pounds and Audrey (4 months old) weighs 14 pounds! Oh this rate one year old Audrey is going to be bigger than 3 year old Leah, lol!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I was so sure I had an ear infection (Leah has one) that I confidently told the doc what was wrong with me. She looked in my ear and replied, "Nope, no ear infection. It’s just bulging from your swollen sinuses." Man...I felt dumb...and embarrassed! So I got a steroid shot to help with the swelling. Wow, those things hurt!

While I was waiting to go to the doctor, a man came in. His name was Hugo Chavez. For real. The receptionist asked his translator (wife maybe?) to repeat it like three times. I don't think she believed him, lol!

Saw this picture the other day.  It made me laugh!

I cleaned the living room crazy good last night. Vacuumed then put out powder to help pick up every last dog hair. Kept the babies off the carpet for twenty minutes. Vacuumed again. Let the dog out of his house, and what does he do? Go lay on his back on my oh so clean carpet and rub around in it. Really? Ugh...there goes my clean carpet.

We are having craft day at our house tomorrow! I am so excited! We are making prayer idea I got from Jessica and Two Shades of Pink. I've been wanting to make these since January!
Picture from Two Shades of Pink

Happy Friday!  Come visit my blog this weekend to see how our craft weekend went, read about my Brother-in-law Graydon's trip to the hospital at what comes now (with my poetic twist...of course), and my bestie's interview about her journey to walk 3-days for Breast Cancer Awarness!
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