Friday, March 5, 2010

Happy Friday

Thank goodness its Friday!  I saw another weekend looming with a growing pile of clean laundry sadly on the horizon.  Welcome to all Aloha Friday and Follow Friday visitors!  I'm excited to have you visit my site.  I would love to get to know you more and read your blog!

Friday FollowFollow Friday is easy.  Click on the button, sign your blog into Mr. Linky and visit other blogs listed there.  Read their post, follow them and comment letting them know you are following them.  Check your comments and follow everyone back!  Easy Peasy!

I'll make it easier for you here.  Answer the Aloha Friday question in the comments and I'll come follow you!  Yay for relaxing Fridays!

Question #124:
Would you rather be the smartest person or the richest person?

ummmm...I thought this was for a relaxing day where you didn't have to think to answer the questions...I like An Island Life's daughter's answer "... she chose to be the smartest person because she felt she could use her brain to make more money."  That is an amazing answer!  Its harder though when you've gone through two layoffs in your family.  Hubs has been laid-off twice in 2009 and is now working partime with a hugemongous paycut.  Plus I saw this episode on House where like the smartest guy took drugs on purpose to make himself dumber so that he could relate with normal people.  Did you see that one?  I adore House, and he's cute, lol.  Oh, you want to know my answer?  Does it make me vain if I saw rich?  Keeping my current intellegence, I would chose richest.  That way I can live with less stress and give away to all the charities I see everywhere that break my heart.  I can give to churches and help the homeless people and help people who are in the same spot I am now.  So yeah, there is my answer:  Richest Person 

BUT WAIT!  I was confused...I'm supposed to ask you my own question, not copy from An Island Life.  ooohhhh  *dumb blonde moment* well...I'll leave that answer up there even though it may be contervisial...but we are learning more about each other right?  so what's better than honesty?

OK, here we question:
"Do you censor your music around your children?"

My answer:  Yes!  We love rock music and sometimes that don't contain the most G lyrics.  So even though Leah is only two, we only listen to Christian music or cds we know have clean lyrics.  I thought of this because I also enjoy listening to a morning talk show that is not kid-friendly.  People call in saying stupid things like "My two-year old said..." or "you taught my 2 year old to say this..." or even "my kids and I listen to you every morning on the way to school..." crazy yall 


  1. Yes I saw that episode. I don't buy it. Wisdom over money any day of the week. Then I would know how to spend it, if God plunked a few bajillion dollars in my lap, I would need the fear of the Lord to not be greedy, proud, or ...lazy! With money, comes responsibility. Therefore wisdom first!

  2. im new to blogging and aloha friday but in answer to your question
    If you're the richest person in the world,you can lose all your wealth by making stupid decisions. But if you're the smartest person alive, you make wise decisions & accumulate your wealth in no time.
    Guess I'd rather be the smartest than richest person

  3. Visiting from "Friday Follow"...I'm already a follower! Love for you to come visit and follow me :)

    Have a great weekend!
    ~Shelley @ Shelley's Swag

  4. Happy Friday follow! I know that the Lord has me poor for a reason (I'd buy everything I see - literally) I'd rather be the smartest. P.S. we do censor our music around our little monkey too

  5. I think that the answer to your question would seem to be properly answered by saying the smartest person but if you say the richest does that mean you would have to be the dumbest person. If not. If I could just be me right now, cause anyone who knows me knows that I am definitely not the smartest person in the world but I am no dummy either. And I have the One who knows EVERYTHING living inside of me so why would I need to know everything. And if I did know everything, then there would be nothing new to discover every day in my life. So, if I would not have to change who I am in my intelligence to be the richest person, I would choose that. I could do a lot of good with all of that wealth. :) I made this question really complicated didn't I? LOL

  6. I was BIG into censoring my music (not that what I listened to was even that bad) until I realized my teen knew far more "bad" music than I even would. I still filter what the 12, 10, and 8 year olds hear coming out of my radio - although I suspect they hear much worse at friends' houses.

  7. I absolutely do!! I think music is one area where most people do not even notice what they are putting on in front of their kids. It does limit what we can listen to and that stinks.

  8. PS - Hubby wrote a whole post on this subject awhile back - check it out -

  9. well, my little one is only one.. so we do not really do much music.... YET!


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