Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mama Kat wants to know about my I'll tell ya! and what better way to tell about a trip than lots and lots of pictures!

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In 2005, I (with the Auburn University Marching Band) headed to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl! A bit of background for you losers non-football fans...Auburn was 12-0 as was USC and Oklahoma. We were passed over for a chance to play for the National Championship. We ended the season undefeated, but have never been able to claim anything for it. So needless to say, I am a huge advocate for some sort of playoff in college football.
Welcome to New Orleans!  After a long drive on the bus with lots of people, we finally arrived at our destination! 

Don't I just look thrilled to be on the bus, lol!

Yeah...being with the band gets you some free swag!  Check out my super bright orange hat!  But we all wore them, lol.  We also got free long sleeve shirts, which we also all wore.  Man, we are so cool...But going on trips with the band is not all fun and games and free entrance to the game.  No, we practice...alot...and do pep rallies, and parades and practice...

See how we are all wearing socks?  Yeah, we had to practice in our socks so we didn't mess up the precious astroturf of the Superdome.  Wanna see what was all over my socks?
See...those black specks in the "grass"?  Yeah, they are little foam rubber bits and I swear I was still pulling these off my socks three years later!

Practice makes perfect...or so someone claims...

So after practice, parades and a pep-rally, we get some time to ourselves, yay!
This is a picture of us on a big board.  I guess they thought we looked cute in our matching shirts.  Hey, don't judge, the band told us to match!

So, the 'fun' ongoing joke with my friends was to take pictures of people when they didn't expect it.  And I don't mean like someone standing across the room.  Nope, I mean when someone is just chilling right next to you, go ahead and take a random picture.  Or ask that person to look at something on your cell phone and snap a picture then...
See Sean hiding a grin.  That's because he knew he was going to get me good, lol!  I got tired of that pretty quickly.  Plus, I'm not really the biggest fan of having pictures taken of me.

But after all the fun and games comes time for the big event...Game time baby!

Here comes the team!

We had litteraly the worst seats ever.  We were stuck on the floor...even with the football feild...with cheerleaders and players blocking our view.  So, we watched the whole game on the big screen.
There's Tommy!  Tommy Tuberville, of course :-)
War Eagle, Hey!

I love this shot!  Look at the intensity of the fans!

We're #1!  We're #1!  We beat VA Tech 16-13 to finish 13-0!  Undefeated! 
Now, sit back and listen to a little bit of Glory to Ole Auburn!'s a fun little gem.  This trip was about 2 months before I met my husband, but I snagged a picture of him on this trip.  Look at him in the center there, hanging all over those girls, all cocky and cool.  hahahahahaha!

p.p.s (or is it p.s.s?) husband and I both marched in AUMB but didn't meet until halfway through my sophmore year, so that's why he was on this trip too. 
Hope you enjoyed my trip down memory lane!

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  1. I love photos of trips, that's the best way to capture the spirit of it and it looks like you guys had fun!

    I'm confused did you take a picture of you husband before you met him? Or was he at the same game and this is his picture? Either way kind of freaky to be in the same place before your meet -must be destiny ;)


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