Friday, March 26, 2010

30 before 30 list

Happy Birthday to E, Myself and I!  She has her 'golden birthday' today...26 on March 26th.  For her birthday she is hosting a fun blog hop...listing 30 things to do before you turn 30!  I turn 25 in less than a month, April 15th!  Here is my list.  Some of them are big things that will take all five years, while others are things I could complete this weekend.  I really enjoyed writing all of them down, and hope yall enjoy reading them as well.  Go ahead and write your own list and make Elizabeth's birth-day by linking up at her blog as well!!!

30 before 30

  • Buy or rent a home
  • Go see a Dave Ramsey live event
  • Be debt free (except for a house if we buy one)
  • Complete my Masters in Education
  • Become a teacher
  • Go on a cruise...without kids
  • Take my girls to Disney World
  • Paint the rooms in our apartment
  • Blow up and print photos I took myself and hang up around the house
  • Take the girls to the Tennessee Aquarium
  • Be successful at being a Macaroni Publisher Mom
  • Make a good latte at home
  • Throw a rocking wedding (vow-renwal) and party on our fifth anniversary (July 7, 2012)
  • Do something crafty and be happy about it
  • Loss weight to eventually weigh 150 pounds...(follow at the bottom of my blog)
  • Hold a monthly/weekly bible study at my house
  • Bake a holiday meal by myself
  • Have a random guy at a bar buy me a drink!
  • Host a family reunion … both on the Killion and the Hoit side
  • Go see a movie at the I-Max
  • Give special homemade gifts for Christmas
  • Meet my neighbors…and take them cookies!
  • Walk in a half-marathon…like the Country Music Marathon held every year right here in Nashville!
  • Play 18 holes of golf with my husband
  • Take a scrapbooking class and finish baby books for both girls
  • Teach piano lessons to someone
  • March in the Auburn Alumni Band
  • Go to an NFL football game, preferably a Titan's game
  • Go visit a winery...or 2 or 3 or 4...
  • Have another baby?


  1. haha I don't know my neighbors either. : (

  2. I love your list! I would love to take a cruise with my hubby sans kids...

  3. Girl, You could knock some of these off the list by inviting your neighbor to your house, bake cookies for them, make a killer latte, teach them piano and load up in the car and head off to a Dave Ramsey show.

    Great list... thanks for stopping by....

  4. Well, goodness, I could easily be you mother. I like your list. Let me know how the latte thing works out!

  5. Great List! Our lists have lots of things in common! :)

  6. Cool list. I hope you can accomplish them. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you're having a nice weekend :)

  7. Have a random guy at a bar buy me a drink!

    TOO FUNNY! Love your list!


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