Monday, March 29, 2010

Here, There, Everywhere

I'm going all Rambling Man on this Random Tuesday!


I tried cooking Sunday.  I picked a slow cooker recipe...easy right?  Just put all the ingredients in the cooker, put the top on, turn it on low and wait.  Right?  It called for a bottle of Italian dressing among other things.  Yes, 16 oz...I thought twice about it, but did it anyway.  It was DISGUSTING!  We'll see how long it is before I try cooking again...

This is what I see when I walk to my apartment everyday...
The cover on the light broke and now it is just hanging there...wanna a closer look?
I wonder when they are going to fix it?  and then I wonder if they even know its broken?  Someone cleaned up the mess from the broken box...
I'm paranoid its going to fall on me so I walk around it everyday.

In true Yo Gabba Gabba fashion...Leah, show us your silly face

I love Easter!  ...the Christian aspect and the finding eggs part!  The best eggs where the ones that you opened up and they had a dollar in them!  Although, to this day I do not know how the eggs were hidden in our yard.  For Real!  We got ready and went to church in the morning.  I always did a look through the front visible eggs.  We would go to church...the whole family...I mean I say my Mom and Dad there.  Then we would go home and there were eggs in the yard!  What?  How did that happen...  Andrew mentioned that we went to Sunday school, so maybe they drove back home to hide them then ... or maybe the Easter bunny came and put them in our yard.  Yup, that has to be what happened...

Marty, show us your silly face...

I'm starting a new Meme!  Yay!  It's inspired by this post.  It's called the Diets Suck meme.  We are all going to get together and write up a post about anything that is irking you regarding dieting, weight loss, your skinny co-worker who eats like a pig, the other tiny co-worker who complains about not being able to lose those last five pounds, the donuts in the break room.  You know...that kind of stuff...  I made a button too.  I think I'm going to make it bigger...I'll work on it tomorrow...

Just Thinkin'
Come back on Thursday and vent...

The doctor recommended more tummy time to work on Audrey's arm strength.  She is so cute while on her tummy, and who am I to waste a perfect photo opp?  I'm a veteran mommy right... so I know that my baby throws up alot...and easily.  Can you guess where this is going?

can you?

huh? huh? huh?

Figured it out yet?

Yeah...I should have known better...

I take alot of pictures...I'm thinking of starting a photography blog.  You know, like the hubby doesn't already complain about how much I blog.  But with a photo blog, I could put pictures like these on it and not have a super long the one I am finishing...

But's all for RAndOm TueSdaY!  Check out the Un Mom for more random fun!


  1. you have a beautiful family and cutie pie hubby like mine sweet looking. thank you for stopping by and saying hi on my blog we will walk this road of weight loss together with the weight loss we gain friends.....God Bless you are adorable and the hanging light watch out there

  2. I love all of your photos. You get some great pictures! Even the one of your baby puking. LOL

  3. yep totally counts at PINT! Cute Pics!

  4. Aww your children are adorable.. and the dog.. too funny! totally counts as post its by the way, and I enjoyed reading.. im following you now!!!

  5. How freaking cute are your kids? Very. And yeah, dressing is usually a marinade, where in the world did you get that recipe from? Throw. It. Away.

  6. Someone needs to get on that light ASAP. Adorable pics.

    That's a lot of dressing, what were the rest of the ingredients?

  7. Were you making Italian Beef? My sis gave me a recipe for it and it calls for dressing, but it seems to me it was the packet of powder. Hmm. Anyway, slow cookers are great if you have the right recipes. Don't give up!
    I love the pics.
    Just stopped by via Un Mom.
    Happy Tuesday!

  8. Cute kids! And those post-its totally count :)

  9. That's a lot of dressing. Wow. Now I feel kind of yucky!

  10. wow you have some great pictures!! Stopping by via Un mom and I will be back on Thursday to participate in your new meme!

  11. Don't give up on the slow cooker. Easy recipe... Roast or cut round steak(I like it with the round steak better), can of cream of mushroom, packet of onion soup mix, 1/4 c water. Cook on high for one hour... on low for 5-6 more.... Super yummy

    Serve with mashed or baked potatoes

  12. Love these pics Christy! And I am totally in for the Thursday Diets Suck venting session!

  13. Your kids are darling. And I'm sorry but the baby spitting up IS my favorite one!

    I love crock pot recipes! So easy!!!! Try again with something different. Really, you'll love it!

    Happy Tuesday and Happy Easter!

  14. Love the silly Yo Gabba Gabba face!!

    Love Supah Mommy AND Super Why!!

    Love the pics!!! Even the pukey one, hahaha.

    And I'd love to talk trash about diets!!! Diets Do Suck!!! hahaha

  15. You did a wonderful job of integrating your post. Loved the images.

    Have a great RTT.

  16. Great photos! I think this counts as a post-it Tuesday!

  17. Yup ... the PostIt note counts ... and I love the meme idea ... will check it out on Thursday ;-)

  18. Hi from PINT~ I love photos tossed in too. I guess its my short attention span=)

    Have a great week!


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