Monday, March 22, 2010

Not me post I should've done last week

These are my NOT ME and NOT MY CHILD from our trip to Tuscalooser two weekends ago.

When we went to visit Granna and Pappy, Leah stayed in Aunt Karen's room.  We got her settled down on her little blown up bed close to the ground and asleep.  Well, when I went to wake her up in the morning, I did NOT find my child pulling books off the bookshelf while Aunt Karen was asleep.  I did NOT see this 'innocent' face when she said "Good Morning Mommy."

When I asked her what was on her face, she did NOT reply "I'm putting on my makeup!"  She did NOT color all over her hands, face and pillow with some highlighters that were on the nightstand.
Nope, NOT my perfect little child!

I wound NEVER bug my family with taking pictures of them while they are waking up.

Because taking pictures first thing in the morning is not very nice, so I would NEVER have too much fun doing that.
NOT ME.  I'm always super sweet to my family.  I would NEVER laugh when hubby puts the baby on her tummy and she spits up on the bed.  I would NEVER take a picture before cleaning her up because she has a spit-up beard.  Nope, NOT ME!

I would NEVER go to a beer tasting event and get a 'little' bit tipsy.  I would then NOT walk into the glass door at my brother-in-law's house because I saw Leah and couldn't wait to get inside and give her a hug.  Nope, NOT ME because I'm always smooth and NEVER clumsy.  That's also the reason I did NOT lose my balance and backpedal into the wall later that evening.  Nope, NOT ME!

Happy NOT ME Monday!!!!  Check out MckMama for more Not Me's, and congratulations towards Stellan being all better!


  1. First ... be thankful she didn't color the baby. AND - that it wasn't with permanent markers. LOL

    Adorable kids!

    LOVE the part about getting tipsy... I've been either pregnant or breastfeeding for more than 3 years - and JUST got my body (and boobies) back to myself LAST MONTH!

    So... there I am... having a beer. And I swear - they put twice as much alcohol in MY beer as in any of the others! WOAH! One beer - and I was feeling it. Sad, huh....

    Hope you have a wonderful week full of laughter!


  2. ohhhhhh you do baby powder too??? LOL! Great stuff, huh!

  3. i'm thinking of giving crayons to my 2yo son, but leah's pictures are making me think twice.

    stopping by from SITS :)

  4. Easter Egg kid just in time for the egg dying and holiday!

  5. Hahaha! Thanks for coming by my blog! So glad you're enjoying it! Happy Monday to you too.

  6. awesome. love the make-up. also. i would not ever run into a full length mirror to hug anyone if i were a little bit tipsy.

  7. Love that spit up beard! That is funny that you went to get the camera before you cleaned her up. That sounds like something that I would do. :)

  8. Cute post! I am glad nobody is taking pictures of me when I wake up! :) Happy Monday!

  9. Ok, seriously you made my day for calling that place that starts with a "T" . . . Tuscalooser! I love it!! :)


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