Wednesday, March 24, 2010

J is for Jump and Jive

J is for Jumpin' and Jive-in'
Every summer a local Jazz band plays at a park downtown for some Joyous dancing
**beware music is LOUD!  Turn down volume before you Jump off your chair.**

I am Joyously awaiting for June and July to arrive for more dancing!

J is Jane.  Her parents may have named her Abigail Jane, and she may present herself as Jane, but we all know her as Mema.

I love you Mema!!!!!!!
Jenny Matlock
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  1. Nice tribute to your Mema! She looks to be a real treasure.

    Does the disease your brother has affect the liver? I think that is what they thought my sil had.

    Nice post!

  2. Looks like so much fun! With sweet babies, Mama's and grama's. good J post!

  3. J is for joyful and jubilant. That's what I get from looking at your photos!!

  4. What great J's. Jane sounds awesome!

  5. What wonderful photos, your Mema looks so lovely. The photo of her holding that precious baby is great. Love your video, our posts are similar today - great minds and all that! Kathy

  6. That looks like a really fun event to go to. You Meme looks so beautiful.

  7. My mom is a memaw! Nothing better than live music and dancing with your kids :)

  8. Summer time... family nights... bands in the park... what special times. Your Mema looks dear.

  9. What joyous photos, great J post!

  10. What a jubilant post!

    Family, hugs, music, joy!

    A+ for making all of us smile!

  11. What nice pictures. I'm sure Mema will be pleased. Loved the dancing!


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