Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Surprise = I'm moving ...

No, not physically moving ... already done that once this year and I'm cool with that, lol.

Moving ... as in I'm moving in the internet blog world

It’s like when you have two kids and people jokingly ask; “Which one do you love more?”

Or one of the kids asks … then it’s not quite as jokingly … and you have to answer ‘You of course’ even if it’s not true at that moment.

I have two blogs.

One for writing.  One for pictures. 

I feel like I have a split personality … so in order to avoid the which do you love most question … and to piece myself back together … I took my favorite parts of both blogs and combined them into one brand new part-of-me blog!

Don’t you wish you could do that with your kids sometimes?

So … what are you still doing here?

Come visit me at my new home:

It's still under construction a bit, but I would really really really love for you to come join me here too!!!!!!


Happy Fall

Something big is coming

It's being planned in my brain right now

It'll be big (for me at least)

I hope you will be excited too!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Picture Place-holder

Picture place-holder ... words might come tomorrow :-)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Today on Tuesday

October 12, 2010

Outside my window... The sun is just now waking up, daring to rise over the tree line and paint the morning sky with an orange glow.  Soon, it will stream through our front window, and that's why we put curtains up last week.

I am thinking... of family loving life, and the mess that is left behind, but mainly how it all needs to be cleaned tonight

I am thankful for... hot coffee and wet hair and a moment grabbed to spend some time with you

I'm wearing... jeans and a t-shirt; I often feel a bit frumpy going into work in my jeans and t-shirt, but everything I wear is covered with coal dust when I come home, so I really don't want to stain my nice shirts.  There was talk last week of us getting company shirts to wear, and I think that is a wonderful idea!

I am remembering... last night I cooked dinner for us ... so it was a bit burnt, but we all sat down at the table and enjoyed a family dinner.  My favorite part was before we could eat Leah chimed in with 'Hands mommy ... we almost forget to pray'.

I am creating... thoughts.  I am always creating thoughts and ideas; dreams that I may never be able to complete but still ponder on constantly

I am going... to work.  I'm sure all working Mom's know the sad feeling of leaving your sleeping children behind again and again.

I am reading... Deep Down by Karen Harper ... and I have Dragons by Micheal Connely on deck

Song that is playing over and over in my head...Pink Triangle by Weezer ... don't ask me why; it's just super catchy and Weezer was on some talk show last week so Andrew went on a Weezer phase (lol)

I am hoping... for more time spent on here.  I feel so distant from y'all, but not really.  Over the past few weeks there have been multiple stories to share and vent that I have needed my blog for, but I haven't had the time or access to share them ... so I write the stories in my head.  If only I could insert a computer up there too ... lol

Noticing that... I want to decorate, but I'm not sure to decorate for fall or for Halloween, but really I should just unpack first

Pondering these words ...
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the LORD your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you."
Deuteronomy 31:6

From the kitchen... coffee ... yum

A few plans for the rest of the week ... cleaning, family coming over tomorrow, writing, taking pictures, hopefully relaxing and nothing stressful will happen!

A video I'd like to share ...

A picture I would like to share ... (well ...3)


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday Afternoon Dinner

Tummy rumbling
Stuck at the end of the line; food obscured by hips and butts ahead

Tummy rumbling
Why did church have to last so long?
Smell of food; good home cooking Southern food

Tummy rumbling louder
I can see the start of the food!  Grab my tray and point out my lunch:

Fried Chicken (dark meat only)
Macaroni and cheese with lots of thick cheese on top
Fried Okra
Lima beans

All by myself, balance the heavy tray to the table with my family and order some chocolate milk; in the cup please, not the carton

Savor hot and tender chicken with crispy fatty skin; my favorite part.  Next macaroni and cheese with the thick burnt cheese topping all coming up in one bite. Sip rich and creamy chocolate milk and pop in a fried okra or two.

Tummy almost full
A lima or two stays on the plate keeping the chicken bones company

Sunday morning church and fellowship
Sunday afternoon cooking at the PawPaw Patch

I think it’s time for a nap

This post is brought to you from Red Writing Hood's prompt of describing a favorite meal and Sunday dinners at the PawPaw Patch


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

24 hours to myself

So ... let's say for the sake of Mama Kat's prompt number 5 that God looked down on me and said in a loud booming God voice:

"Christy ... I have pushed pause for everyone but YOU for 24 hours.  What are you going to do?"
Well, since I would be automatically be wide awake ... no coffee needed in my 24 hours ...

I would:

1.  Unpack these boxes.  It's going on 4 weeks people, and I am still tripping over at least 4 boxes every morning.  I would unpack boxes, put away clothes and put pictures where Andrew could hang them when he woke up (because I can't do anything in a straight line)

2.  Finish the kids baby books.  I would glue pictures, fill in facts and have these mementos for my babies.

3.  Go outside and walk around; take pictures and enjoy nature.

4.  Edit pictures.  Maybe I could pirate Photoshop elements for that 24 hours ... it might take me that long to learn how to use it, lol!

5.  Take a bubble bath and read my book until my fingers turned pruney.

5.  Sit ... watch the shows on my dvr that only I like.  Read my Bible and journal on what the verses mean to me.  Catch up on blogs and read, pray, love with my online friends.

6.  Play with my blog.  Create a new background for both of them and include best of pages, contact info and friends' buttons.

7.  Crawl into bed.  As I turn off the light I imagine God will look down and smile at my refreshed soul and press ...

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." ---Jeremiah 29:11

What's something you would do with 24 hours to yourself and no distractions?


I'm going Wordless and Dumping photos today!

(our new house)


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

His Wedding

This post is fiction and is linked up to my brand spankin' new fiction writing weekly link-up:

“Don’t say yes!”

Apparently I said the words out loud as I popped up in the bed, drenched from another nightmare.  He slept there soundly; another of my night terrors was not enough to wake him.  His snoring rumbled off the walls, and I knew sleep was not a returning option and work was only a few hours away.  With a heave of my exhausted body, I swung my heavy feet onto the cold floor and drug myself over to the computer; the best time wasting invention.

My hands clicked the mouse and before my foggy brain could understand, I was on his page again; the website that upset me, even though it shouldn’t.  There on the front was the picture of him and her, happily posed in the cheesiest of ways.  No originality with those two, no creativity, that’s what I brought to the table in our relationship.  Whatever, I would give the world to stand in that cheesy pose and wear his ring on my finger.

This Saturday, the little countdown widget in the corner mocked my pain.  The insane thoughts entered my head again; the ones that include being a stripper at his bachelor partyor bumping into him and making him love me again.  They could make a movie out of our story; make millions and live in wealth, happiness and love forever.

I could hear him stirring the bedroom, the lump that stole half my bed most nights, but at least he came in handy in the dark after a night of drinks.  I had to keep him around though, continue to sweetheart him till Saturday.  He was my ticket into the wedding; the start of my movie and probably the end of my life.

The days passed and the countdown widget subtracted numbers by the second.  Crazy thoughts came and passed; crazier thoughts stayed around and played in my subconscious.  The hours were closer now, and I stood preciously putting makeup on not for my date, but rather for the groom.  He escorted me in the front door, and I ditched him; an excuse about the bathroom or an old friend or don’t wait for me or just get a good seat … I’ll find you.  Whatever the excuse, he was gone now.

I came in the door and asked to be seated on her side, that way he could see me when I stood up and appreciate the time I spent looking good for him; and then he would love me again.  The escort sat me down in what presumably looked to be a singles aisle as the only other person was a man sitting alone; a handsome man of olive skin and green eyes.  The crazy thoughts fought to shove the green eyes out and replace with the sky blue ones that would soon be on the alter; the sky blue eyes that I should be looking into.

The handsome guy approached with a friendly 'Hi' and smiled at me; such a smile, looks to be from a magazine.  My heart raced as I extended a clammy hand for him to shake.  I didn’t need this perfect smile and trim body to distract me; I must focus on my plan, my grand plan, and the start of my movie perfect life.

Thankfully the music started and talking ceased.  The procession of the older family started and my heart raced to the point of passing out, and then he appeared.  He seemed to materialize out of a cloud sent from heaven.  He was a knight, a prince charming, an angel sent to make my life better and erase the pain of the past few years.  He stood tall and strong and his crystal blue eyes seemed to look into my soul.  And then, his head turned.  His eyes moved away from me and my heart cried out in pain.  My eyes followed his and there she was.

She walked down the aisle.  She took my spot next to him.  My heart speed as the time neared.  The pastor spoke, but not the words I needed to hear.  A parent spoke, a mother cried, but nothing mattered until ‘if anyone knows of a reason these two’. 

My legs went weak as I found my feet to rise up with.  Time became stuck in honey as my body lifted off the seat.  My eyes closed as my mouth opened and the words I had practiced for days danced towards my tongue. 

Then I felt my butt fall back on the carpeted pew.  I felt my feet come off the floor and my mouth snap shut.  I felt his hand on my arm, pulling me down and his lips near my ear as he spoke in an almost inaudible whisper.

“Don’t say yes.”

At that moment, I knew the crazy had left my body.  I would always love that groom, but not in the way he needed.  I looked into the green eyes next to me and saw comfort not judgment, acceptance not horror and an understanding that would take me years to extract from him.

The tears welled at the corner of my eyes threatening to explode at any second.  I let my body sink into this stranger next to me, and I felt a feeling I had not experienced for years.  A peace that caused me to cry, a peace that caused me to understand, a peace that caused me to move on with my life.


Fiction Writing

Hey guys ... so you may remember Self Reflections Tuesday, and how it kinda just stopped ...

I'm sorry about that.  With the moving and the new work blocking blogger and all the craziness of the last three weeks ... I just kinda let it slide.  and for some reason, I just felt like it wasn't working.

But ... I wanna try a new idea ... since I'm like crazy like that or something.

Recently I have really enjoyed dabbling in fictional writing ... just short stories, just fun stuff to increase my creativity and improve my writing skills.  Also it's easier for me to write a fictional story at work rather than a blog post ... I just write these better in Blogger for some reason ... I'm more the 'real' me or something like that, lol!

So ... I'd like to start a fictional writing weekly linkup ... what do y'all think about that?  I need suggestions ...

If I post the link-up on Tuesday would you rather get the theme that day and have a week to link up, or would you like to get the theme on say Sunday and have your post ready to go?

This is not something for published writers, and you don't even have to think it's good ... I just want an excuse to write fiction and I'd love to have my friends play along with me too!!!!!

are you in?

well ... here's the first week's prompt ... feel free to take a creative license (that means you don't have to follow the rules exactly) with the prompt ... I kinda did anyways.

The love of your life is getting married to someone else. In a last-ditch attempt to win the love of your life back, you bust into the wedding and profess your love mid-ceremony. Start your story with the line, "Don't say yes!"
prompt from Writer's Digest Writing Prompts

The linky will be open till Sunday 10/10 .. come back anytime and link up!

Suggest a cool name and I will give you credit :-)


Have fun and write fiction!
oh, and it would be cool if your post pertained to the prompt in at least a little bit
please post the url to the post, not to your blog

Monday, October 4, 2010

Roaches and 6am do not mix

I hate bugs ... I hate cockroaches a bit more.

and apparently the further south you go the more cockroaches you get ... at least that's another reason Andrew is trying to persuade me to move up North.

This morning when I go to the bathroom to shower, I am greeted by a roach lying on its back in the bathtub.  My foggy morning brain sees the presumably dead roach and devises a brilliant plan.  I'll just turn the water on; he will slide down the drain, and I can take my shower without even having to go near him.

Well, I should have hit him with a shoe first because apparently ... he was just sleeping.  The water hit this bug; he flipped and flopped and turned himself over and started crawling out of the tub.  I made a bee line back to the bed.

I sat on the bed ... at 6am ... next to my sleeping bug-killing husband, and considered just skipping the shower this morning.  Although I am still new, and I don't want them thinking I don't shower, and I really needed a shower ... I came up with a new plan.

I was going to kill the roach.

**important background information** I scream when I am startled ... can't help it; it's just a reaction with me

So I slowly open the bathroom door; my husbands shoe cocked and ready to be thrown at the roach.  A quick search of the floor reveals that he is not down there.  I move the shower curtain; ready for him to jump out when I look up.  There he is perched on the shower curtain rod, probably contemplating how he is going to jump on my head.

What do you do to a roach thats above your head balancing on a thin rod?  Well, you throw the super heavy shoe at it of course.  He went flying somewhere, and I screamed and ran back to my bed.

I woke Andrew up with my scream.

"What's wrong!"

"There's a roach in the bathroom!  I tried to kill it with the shoe, but I failed and he ran at me"

"Oh.  You screamed like there was a man eating spider attacking your face."

So, I sat on the bed and waited for my bug-killing husband to go kill the roach.  He asked me where it was; I don't know ... running out of there was more important.

I heard the toilet flush ... him pee ... and the flush again.

"Did you kill it?"


"But you didn't use a shoe.  Did you find it?"

"yes and I flushed it"

He crawled back in bed, pulled the covers up, and I turned around to see him smiling as he was going back to sleep.

"You're smiling!  Did you not find the roach and then just flush the toilet to make me think you killed the roach?"

"No, I killed the bug.  I'm smiling because you are crazy."

Well ... 6 am and roaches apparently make me go a bit crazy ...

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