Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

I would like to take today to thank all the soldiers who have given their lives, risked their lives, and served our wonderful country so we can proudly proclaim who we are.

We are a country of kids who can run and dance and not worry about their next step.

We are a country that looks at faces like these with hope.

We are free to spend time as a family.

We look towards the future with hope.

We are country where we are allowed to dress up and go to church and freely proclaim our religion without fear of persecution.

We can spend time together playing games on the computer.

and we are a country that lets a Mamarazzi like me take as many pictures as my camera can hold!
Mamarazzi Monday

Friday, May 28, 2010


Good Friday Morning!  I am taking a triple scoop of meme's today!
Mommy's Idea

--I'm so excited for this weekend!  Not only is it a long weekend, but we are going to Birmingham to spend time with my parents!  yippee!

--My mom has apparently planned the world's best weekend this weekend, lol.  She has scheduled a time with her hair-dresser to color and cut my hair (YAY!), and a pedicure too.  She has also gotten in touch with my two best friends and apparently been communicating via email about this weekend ... oh and they aren't allowed to tell me what's going on.  hmmmm....

--My parents also joined a club so we get to go swimming there this weekend!  I've picked some pictures to share with you for swimming fun!

--These are part of Amy's Family Friday and Parenting by Dummies' Old School Photo Fridays!

This one had a date on it ... 1988! Which would make me 3 years old. What is my mom doing handing a gun to such a small child, hehe.

If I had to guess, I would put this picture at 1990 ... me at 5, my sister at 2.  Blow up pool in the driveway ... the summer doesn't get much better than that!

gotta have that floatie!

The lake!!!!  oh I love the lake!  I was seriously like a fish, all I wanted to do was swim in the lake.  I mean you didn't even have to get out to pee ... hehe

I'll just end with me modeling my swimsuit, lol!  Check out those sandals!

--I'm so excited it is summer weather!  I love swimming and being outside!  Last year we had Leah's b-day party at the lake.  It was fun, but she hated the water! Look at this face...
August 2009
but she loved this 'splash park' that she went to with her daycare!  I want to take her this year!

These pictures were taken by Crystal
July 2009

and here's a fun picture I scrapped from these!

--so I just heard this news report on the radio:  "Nashville police is looking for a criminal who was accidentally released out of jail.  He was awaiting trial for a murder and is considered armed and dangerous."  umm...what?  'accidentally released' wow...

--I can't wait to share my pictures from this weekend with all of you!  Have wonderful memorial day weekend ... and don't forget to thank anyone you know who serves for protecting our company!


The Girl Creative

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Renewal wedding

Mama's Losin' It

I picked this theme this week:
2.) If you could do your wedding over, how would you do it?

For me, this really isn't an 'if'.  I am totally planning to do my wedding over ... ok, not really, but I am planning a Vow Renewal, hopefully in 2012.  

My wedding was super small, like only close family and close friends.  It was planned in a couple of weeks.  It rained, so the service had to be moved inside.  Oh yeah ... and I was 8 months pregnant.  However, I do love the colors in my bouquet and on my cake!

This next time around though, I'm going to wear a white dress ... like one of these:

and I'm going to have bridesmaids standing with me ...

wearing these totally cute dresses ... or something like that ... my goal is to have a dress that they would want to wear later in life!

and I would have decor something like this ...

but you know the one thing I would not change?
my dear sweet husband!

My color inspiration came from here:

my florist totally rocked!  It was the one thing we splurged a bit on, and they hit the inspiration right on the head!

Scrappin' Style

Wordless Wednesday ... scrappin' style!
Visit these wonderful sites for more pictures!
Seven Clown Circus, J. leigh designz, Go Graham Go, Jolly Mom, Mrs. Marine, Marvelous Mommy

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Mountain

How many pictures are too many pictures?  I guess for a Mamarazzi like me ... the answers is unknown.  There is no such thing as too many pictures!!!!!  I say this first because this is going to be a super photo-heavy entry.
Mamarazzi Monday

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day, like perfectly beautiful!  Leah wanted to go to the playground, but I didn't really feel like getting out the stroller and lugging everything over to the playground, especially since the trip home is uphill the whole way.  So instead we grabbed a blanket and went to the hill in between two apartment buildings right next to our house.  It was perfect!  and now Leah talks about going back to the mountain!

Running down 'the mountain' to find the perfect shady spot

I think she may have tripped...

or found some flowers?

We found that perfect shady spot!

So Leah wanted to spread out her blanket just like Mommy's

see that bucket?  she brought her blanket out stuffed in that bucket!

Audrey with the perfect sky

It's bright out here mommy ... where are my sunglasses?

This is my new absolute favorite picture ever.  When did she grow up?

My teething baby ... no hand is safe around her

I asked Leah what she was doing ... she said "Painting Mommy!"

We moved shady spots so I could be closer to Leah when she was 'painting' ... yeah, yeah I'm still a bit of a helicopter mom...

We were sitting around and I said something to Leah like "Let's just chill here".  Leah replied back "yeah, mommy, I'm chilly ... brrrrr...."

So she wrapped her blanket around her so she wouldn't be cold anymore!
Cute pouty 'cold' Princess
Time to go back inside!  Notice the blanket stuffed back into the bucket 

See that little pouty face ... yeah, she was asleep thirty minutes later!

See...I warned you ... lots of pictures!  I guess since I took over 100 for like the hour we were outside only sharing 20 of them is pretty good ... right?  ok ... I admit it ... I'm addicted to pictures!!!!!!

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