Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whoops ... plop

It's Mother's Day Mania ... a blog hop hosted by Mama M over at My Little Life.  I am so excited for this!  I really started blogging during her Valentine's week blog hop and it was amazing.  I'm looking forward to these next few days of Mother's day themes!


Today's theme is Whoopsie Wednesday.  Ummm...I've had a couple of whoopises.  There was this one time I sat my rolling infant in the middle of the bed at my in-laws house and turned to get something from the kitchen.  My husband asked where Leah was.  Oh she's fine...she's in the middle of the bed ... and cue cries.  Yup, she totally rolled off the bed.

And there was also the horrible, horrible experience of when Leah reached up onto the kitchen counter and knocked my hot water down her arm and got second degree burns.  She's fine, and the scars are almost gone, but it was horrific!

Well, I'll share with you about one whoops that hurt my pride and my bum.  We had just recently moved to Nashville and were just getting used to our new city.  And it was very different from tiny little Auburn.  We went grocery shopping at the Kroger up the hill on an overcast day.  While we were shopping, it started raining.  No big, right?  So Andrew grabbed the groceries, and I grabbed Leah, bundled her tight so she didn't get to wet.  We were walking quickly to our car in the rain...did I mention I was wearing flip flops?  Oh, and we were crossing on a crosswalk?  Did you know that paint they put on the concrete is extremely slippery, especially when you are wearing flip-flops?

You see it coming, dontcha?  Yes me and Leah slipped and I fell smack on my bum in the middle of the road going to the parking alot around all the other grocery shoppers.  In the the evening when everyone is shopping.  I swear I held Leah up when I fell down, but really all I know is one second we were rushing to the car and next second we were on the ground.  My new friends helped me up and no one laughed ... well at least to my face.

Ok, I told an embarrassing whoops ... now it's your turn!  Write yours out and then visit Mama M to feel a bit better about your whoops!


  1. at least you had the foresight to raise leah up when you slipped. at least she didnt hit her head or anything. i do hope that it was just your pride, and not your hip, that got broken that day...

  2. That paint IS slippery! I can't tell you how many times I have almost slipped on that in wet parking lots. I'm glad everyone is OK.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your little girls are adorable! I'm going to go check out more of your blog now...

  3. I second that! That dang paint is a hazard!! I don't know how many times I've almost biffed it!

    Thanks for sharing your stories!!

  4. If I had five bucks for everytime I've fallen on my butt in front of large groups of people, I would be one rich lady. My daughter has also done the header off the bed, and she still seems relatively smart, so I think all is well:)

    I tagged you in a fun photo tagging post, I think it will be right up your alley!

  5. You're blessed if you didn't also break your tail bone while you were at it! :)


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