Monday, May 17, 2010

Sharin' the love pt. 2

I love all my friends!  Thank you for the awards!  Honestly it's hard for me to pick people to pass these along to, but really do want to thank the people who gave me the awards and pass their blogs along to all of you!

Cheri from CherGo2 the Kitchen passed along the Sunshine Award.
Thank you Cheri!  You're blog is sunshine to me!  Go visit Cheri ... her stories often put a tear in my eye out of happiness!

Cherees from Our New Life passed along the I love your Blog award.
Thank you Cherees!  I love your blog as well!  Go visit her, she is a wonderful blogger and shares everything from post-its to pictures!

This award also includes listing 10 things you love:
-my husband
-my girls
-bubble baths
-a good dramatic book
-ice cream
-flip flops
-going to the playground
-Football (i'm having with-drawls) War Eagle and Go Titans!

And finally, an award I just couldn't pass up.  Shell over at Things I Can't Say did actually give this award to me ... she gave it to everyone!  and I can't pass up a reason to put pictures of hot actors can I?
Here is what you have to do: name 5 CHARACTERS NOT THE ACTORS BUT THE CHARACTERS that you would get down and dirty with!!! And then pass is it on!!

1. Shawn Spencer from Psych.  It's a comedy mystery drama on USA Network and makes me laugh out loud every time I watch it!  Shawn is the super smart, goofy main character.
2. Peter from Fringe.  I am totally going with one Shell had, but I agree!  He is smart and good looking, has a sense of humor and cares for his dad ... although right now he may be the end of the world!  ahhhh...can the season finale come fast enough!?!?!  oh yeah, back to Peter:
3. Jess from Gilmore Girls.  Yeah, so what the show is dated, but they still run the re-runs.  and it will always be my favorite!  For real!  (and no...I don't have the season's on DVD...I'm open for late b-day gifts).  I was one of the minority who loved Jess!  He was the super smart bad boy who broke Rory out of her shell and had a heart of gold even though he rebelled against everything.  and that one episode when she goes to see him, I totally wanted them to get back together!  oh, Gilmore girls ... I could write a whole blog on that show ;-)
4. Jeff from Community.  Did you see the show where Jeff didn't want to wear the shorts in pool class and he and the teacher ended up playing 'strip pool' and Jeff ended up in his skimpies?  uh huh ... 'nough said.
and if Jeff can't make it, I'm totally cool with Joel McHale from The Soup ... just sayin'
5. Dr. Chase from House.  He's a doctor, he's hot, he has an accent and he has a heart of gold. Sorry Cameron, I would totally forgive Chase for killing that evil dude.  Even though Chase is hot off a wasn't his fault, I mean totally Cameron's fault.  
Ok, everyone pick up any / all awards that you want!  Share them with your friends, highlight your readers and post hot boys on your blog!  Make a Monday happy!!!!


  1. thanks for the shoutout :) any mom who works outside the home and still has the energy to chase her kids around the house deserves the sunshine :)

  2. Lol, love the awards! Congrats

  3. Congrats on your awards.. I think that one you did at the end was too funny..

    Have a great day..

  4. "Peter" is from Mighty Ducks! (We just watched all three)

  5. @Jami omg he so is! I love those movies!!!!!


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