Monday, May 24, 2010

The Mountain

How many pictures are too many pictures?  I guess for a Mamarazzi like me ... the answers is unknown.  There is no such thing as too many pictures!!!!!  I say this first because this is going to be a super photo-heavy entry.
Mamarazzi Monday

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day, like perfectly beautiful!  Leah wanted to go to the playground, but I didn't really feel like getting out the stroller and lugging everything over to the playground, especially since the trip home is uphill the whole way.  So instead we grabbed a blanket and went to the hill in between two apartment buildings right next to our house.  It was perfect!  and now Leah talks about going back to the mountain!

Running down 'the mountain' to find the perfect shady spot

I think she may have tripped...

or found some flowers?

We found that perfect shady spot!

So Leah wanted to spread out her blanket just like Mommy's

see that bucket?  she brought her blanket out stuffed in that bucket!

Audrey with the perfect sky

It's bright out here mommy ... where are my sunglasses?

This is my new absolute favorite picture ever.  When did she grow up?

My teething baby ... no hand is safe around her

I asked Leah what she was doing ... she said "Painting Mommy!"

We moved shady spots so I could be closer to Leah when she was 'painting' ... yeah, yeah I'm still a bit of a helicopter mom...

We were sitting around and I said something to Leah like "Let's just chill here".  Leah replied back "yeah, mommy, I'm chilly ... brrrrr...."

So she wrapped her blanket around her so she wouldn't be cold anymore!
Cute pouty 'cold' Princess
Time to go back inside!  Notice the blanket stuffed back into the bucket 

See that little pouty face ... yeah, she was asleep thirty minutes later!

See...I warned you ... lots of pictures!  I guess since I took over 100 for like the hour we were outside only sharing 20 of them is pretty good ... right?  ok ... I admit it ... I'm addicted to pictures!!!!!!


  1. All of these pictures were just gorgeous. You do a great job getting excellent captures!! :) Have a great day! And go get some more shots of those beauties of yours!! They won't stay that little for very long, I promise you! :(

  2. Great photos! It's been beautiful here in Germany for the past few we've also gotten outside to play!!!

  3. the pictures are awesome :)

    we finally had some rain for 30 minutes yesterday. better than nothing...

  4. So wonderful to be able to go outside. Unlike Cheri, we've had nothing BUT rain lately, so the gorgeous emerald grass with blue sky above is doubly precious.

  5. These pictures are beautiful!! Your girls are adorable! Great shots Mamarazzi! :)

    ps. Have you ever heard of a "Wubanub"?? My sister bought me one as a gift and my baby girl loves it!! It's a small stuffed animal with a pacifier attached!

  6. how fun and great pictures..
    We had a fun time outside the other day also. We planted flowers and walked the dogs.. Have an amazing Monday..

  7. So cute, I miss having babies and little people to take pictures of. xxx

  8. Lovely photos! I'm a picture addict too. Seriously? 8000+ photos on my photo site since my first child was born! Your Leah reminds me so much of my Avery--very creative. :)
    Thanks for stopping by today!


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