Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Story of Us pt. 1

I have seen some people posting stories on how they met their spouse, and I love reading them!  So I have decided to share ours with you!  oh ... I didn't ask Andrew first ... well, this is at least my version, haha.  You could totally make a movie out of our story (i think so at least).  Welcome to my new Thursday mini-series:

The Story of Us 
I started my freshman year at Auburn University in 2003.  Andrew started his in 2002.  I came to college with my boyfriend in high school and the secure knowledge that were totally going to make it.  He was only a year younger than me, but he was two grade levels.  I was a freshman in college ... he was a junior in high school.  Y'all see this working out?  Andrew was living the college life, chasing girls and having fun at parties.

We were both members of the Auburn University Marching Band.  I played trumpet, and Andrew (being the low brass music major) played baritone ... I think ... or trombone ...  Now if you know anything about marching bands, then you know that most people who play trumpet are boys.  So, I guess I stood out.  I'm pretty shy, so I made friends with the people in my section and just kinda hung out there.  Later in life, Andrew told me he noticed me my freshman year as 'the hot trumpet girl'.  I had no idea who he was ... I mean I probably could've told you he was in band ... maybe, but that was about it.

Fast forward to spring semester of sophomore year (spring 2005).  I was single and 'talking' to another guy ... long distance again (what was wrong with me?).  Andrew was single and chasing a girl ... with whom he ended up dating her roommate and best friend (haha).  I was taking genetics at 7am with a stupid evil professor who made me walk to his class at 7am b/c the buses weren't even running yet!  and then I had organic chemistry at 9am.  Usually I walked to a coffee shop in between classes or sat outside of my next class.  Occasionally I would go eat breakfast with some friends in the cafeteria.  On this particular day my friends Dan, Jeremy (or 'Moose') and I went to eat breakfast in the student center.

Andrew does not like mornings, like seriously does not like mornings.  Being a music major he was in multiple ensembles, one being a low brass one that just happened to have scheduled a rehearsal at 8am.  Andrew actually went to rehearsal only to find out it had been cancelled.  Since he was up with some time to kill and he needed to get a new student ID, he headed over to the ID office.  That office just happened to be in the student center cafeteria.

The two other guys I was eating with were also in band, and were good friends with Andrew.  So when he walked in, he came over to our table to say 'hi' to them.  Me ... well remember, I'm shy and had barely branched out of the trumpet section to make friends.  So, my first conversation with my future husband went like this:

Me:  "Hi!  I'm Christy"
Andrew:  "I know."

He got his new id, sat down with us and we talked.  I went to class ... he went to class.  Got home and found a message on my facebook account (this was back in the day when facebook was only for college kids so it was alot easier to find people). know since he was a stalker he probably already knew my account, lol ... just kidding.  But since I'm such a pack-rat, even on the computer ... I still have the first facebook message he ever sent me:

It was nice meeting you today! I can't believe we haven't talked before that, cause I see you around ALL the time. I just get so busy, that i don't get to talk to everyone. I really enjoyed talking with you today though! You seem to be pretty cool ;) I hope we get tohave some more conversations in the future. :) ~ Andrew
P.S. my screenname is billytheeuph on aim, if you ever want to chat.

continued next Thursday...


  1. I love to hear how people met also. I'll have to see if my hubby won't mind if I post our story. It's pretty funny. I look forward to pt. 2.

  2. facebook was up in 2005?!

    hmm, maybe i can write about how me and the hubby met....

  3. What a cute story! My husband was in the marching band, but fortunately for me he didn't meet his future wife there! :)


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