Friday, May 21, 2010

Leah's Fragments

I started this blog with the intent of sharing funny Leah stories and such, but I find that it's hard for me to remember unless I write down right away what just happened.  Oh well...this blog has now turned more into a personal journal for me, and I'm cool with that too!

But just for fun, on this Friday ... here are some Leah fragments!
Mommy's Idea

--Leah is potty-training and doing wonderfully! (thank goodness) We are kinda in that in between stage with using the kiddie potty that can be moved around to using the big people potty.  The other day she was sitting in the living room and going poopy.  She looked over at me and said "This is the biggest poopy ever Mommy!"

--Leah woke Andrew up one morning at 7:45 saying "The sun's up Daddy, time to go to the park!"  Although they couldn't go because it was about to rain.  Leah got a serious look and said "We need to get an umbrella to go to the park."

--Leah wanted me to bounce on the bed with her ... so I went and laid on the bed.  She told me to jump with her ... so I kicked my feet a bit.  Then she found out how much fun it was to climb over me.  It was then she told me "Your butt is like a slide Mommy" and then she slid down my butt.

--Audrey has started babbling so of course I'm sitting there telling Audrey "Say ma-ma.  ma-ma" (b/c this one's gonna say mama before dada) Leah says "No. not ma-ma ... mommy."

--real conversation between Leah and her daddy:
L: "Daddy, I have an idea.:
A: "Yes."
L: "I have a plan."
A: "What is it?"
L: "Daddy, you want to watch Wow wow wubzzy."

So, I mentioned that Leah's potty training, right?  and that we are trying to get her to use the 'big girl' potty instead of the 'princess potty'?  Well, I'm totally cool with her using the princess potty because trying to use the potty with a toddler seat on it is like target practice for girls...and I'm realizing I'm not that good with it.  Why don't I use the other potty you ask?  Because it's broken.  It flushes just fine, no water leaking out of it ... it has NO seat.  For real, the seat for the potty is sitting next to it.  Now if I can only remember to call maintenance...

Of course none of this bothers Andrew.  He's used to 'target practice' and doesn't need a seat to pee.  Arg... at least I haven't fallen in the potty yet.

I'm sure I have so many more amazing stories of my sweet oldest girl, but I just can't think of them.  Maybe I'll carry a recorder around with me :-) to go write a post about all the sadness right now for #missionmonkey and Daffy.


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  2. Aw, sweet stories! Keep us posted on the potty training, I'm just getting into that...

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  4. cute post for sure.. We try that potty thing next week.. Wish us luck..

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  6. i dread potty training. whenever jackjack says poo and i ask him to go to the potty, he says no. he isnt ready yet, is he?

  7. Oh the potty thing brings back so many memories. I'm sorry I am so late with FF but I have a really good excuse! Your babies are so adorable and I love their names! I hope when you have time you will stop by to say hello!


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