Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A day in Pictures

Oh my gosh, this post was so much fun!  I got the idea because Supermom linked up the 10 on 10 page.  The theme behind the page is you take 1 picture every hour for 10 hours on the 10th of every month.  Well, I kinda expanded that.  This is a chance for yall to see a day in my life, or something like that.  And it was fun!

"On the road again..."
Coffee time...yes!
I autoclaved some lab supplies.  An autoclave is like a big oven that heats up to a degree that will kill everything and it makes all the supplies sterile (no viruses, dirt, bacteria, etc)
I blogged ordered supplies and researched experiments
One of the lab benches...this is the one right behind my desk spot
11 am: I don't have a picture because I was helping my coworker with a huge experiment and was standing from 11am - 1pm, mainly smashing lymph nodes and spleens to get the cells out of them
Quick coffee break!
All of the tubes from the beginning of the experiment that I helped with.  I think my coworker was here till 7 last night finishing it!  Science takes alot of time...that's for sure...ask my husband if you think otherwise, lol.
This is my computer covered with some post-its and my herpes (b-day gift from Ruth!)
3 pm: I took a picture, but I really didn't like it...I travel home at 3:30...so just imagine more traffic here
Back home with my sweet babies!  Sadly now hubby goes to work...
We are finding home for kittens.  We had 7, now we only have this little girl.  Someone wanted updated pictures so I searched the house for a good 10 minutes until I found where she was sleeping.
I was doing laundry (shocker!) when the stupid lid feel down on my hand...ouch!  Leah kissed it and made it all better...
Playtime with my sweet girl!

and I stopped taking pictures...I'll try to go all the way till bedtime next :-)  Oh, and I totally had to 'sneak' pictures during work because I didn't want people asking me what I was doing!  Hope you enjoyed the look into my day!


  1. so,this is what your day is like. my favorite are the pictures of your kids (audrey is soooo cute!). makes it all so worthwhile, doesnt it?

    i'm sorry, did you say herpes?

  2. oh cheri - you should comment using the blogger id so I can email you back! Yup ... there's the website 'geek-something' that sells stuffed viruses and my best friend got me herpes for my birthday, hehe. Our geeky humor!

  3. Cute babies and cute kitty! Thanks for the blog love! :)

  4. PS Audrey is my ALL TIME favorite name and I was unable to name by two girlies it because there is a machine that chops wood at my husband's work that is named "Audrey" SAD!!!!! I love it so much.

  5. I love your day in pictures, thanks for visiting my blog...didn't you just love 10 on 10? I look forward to it every month! :)
    And i see you are in Nashville, hope you guys are doing okay after the flood. I have a close friend that lives there and it just sounds horrible...thinking of everyone there! XO

  6. What a cute idea! Your pictures are so fun! My day has quite a bit of coffee in it too, I think my favorite is the 4:00pm one, just love her eyes!!

  7. I bet the rest of those kittens were good looking if this gorgeous one is all that's left. I admire working Mum's of little ones, and then to have hubby work the next shift is so hard. You guys must really appreciate having time together...whenever that happens.

  8. Thanks for stopping by!

    So many blogger moms stay at home, so I love it when another mom who works outside the house posts about her day. I teach kindergarten (as if you couldn't see from my pics).

    So nice getting to know you a bit better!

  9. What a great idea! I love getting this little peek into your day!

  10. Thanks for sharing your day!! What a great way to get to know you better....I might have to 'steal' your idea one day...I would have to sneak my pictures at work too, unless I waited until the bosses went home(I work straight afternoons). BTW, your daughter is beautiful!!


    PS: Love the colour and patterns of your blog...great choice ;)


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