Tuesday, May 4, 2010

and life goes on...?

This happened this weekend:
Over 15 inches of rain this weekend ... already the record for the wetest month of May and it's only the 3rd.  There is this feeling around Nashville today.  It feels like a mix of sadness, nervousness, awe and fear.  I went to work, all dry for me.  I couldn't sit still.  I wanted to volunteer, but when I got an email all the spots were already full.  4,000 people joined Hands on Nashville to volunteer.  So I took a walk.  I took pictures.  Its calming and soothing to take pictures of peaceful nature.
Vanderbilt is preparing for graduation that will happen later this week.
and yet the Cumberland river continues to rise.  It floods over 2nd Avenue taking down the tourist district.  Some where, past the horizon, a river is inching closer.
Chairs are lined up in anticipation.  In a few days this area will be full of smiles and pride as the graduates hug families and cheer on classmates.
"State and Metro efforts are under way to sandbag the MetroCenter levee, which has become a concern today as the Cumberland River water level continues to rise.  The river, which is already above flood level, is now expected to crest at 52.5 feet at 8 p.m. this evening, according to new predictions from the National Weather Service." -- The Tennessean
Yet it still seems so perfect from above.  The beautiful day conceals the horror happening at the ground level.

Tents rise up around Vanderbilt, soon to be filled with happy family and graduates with dreams of the perfect future.  But will they be visiting the bars downtown.  Will they enjoy the Nashville we all love?
As I was walking this guy flew over.  Help is on its way ... but is it too late?
Sure, Nashville will recover ... at least that's what everyone says.  Yes the tourism will return.  Yes the Gaylord Opryland Hotel will rebuild.  But what about the families?  The ones who lost everything ... photos, valuables, items that can never be replaced.  The majority of families who do not have flood insurance because well this was never to happen.  Not here, not where people told them they didn't need the insurance ... they didn't need to worry about floods.  It definitely reminds me that you never know what is coming next, and you never know what you really value until it is taken away.

Photos from The Tennessean


  1. WOW - this reminds me of the flooding we had in Atlanta last year. Glad y'all are okay.

  2. All that flooding is just devastating! Lots of prayers are being said for Nashville this week.

  3. Wow. Good for you for trying to volunteer.

  4. Oh sad! we've been thru the same situation here in the Philippines, Typhoon Ondoy devastated Marikina City... So glad I live in a safe place! My prayers for Tennessean!

  5. Great thoughts. I just saw pictures of Nashville on the news this morning. Incredible!

    Have a great Tuesday!

  6. this looks exactly like the flooding certain cities in the philippines experienced last year. stock up on the necessities. praying that that waters cease and the rains let up. hey, we need rain over here...

  7. Great Post Christy. We (at least I do) realize how blessed we are. :) It is so true that we never know what is going to happen. My heart goes out to those families that lost everything.
    BTW Beautiful photos!

  8. Truly scary stuff, but then life goes on like with the graduation ceremony. Thanks for sharing!

  9. So many tragedies lately!! It's been so sad! Good reminders on your post its!

  10. Oh wow it does make you stop and think and just be grateful of your life and things in it even the ups and downs.

    Beautiful pictures! That is amazing all spots were filled that is wonderful and gives hope for people around us :)

  11. Your post made me think of how great my life really is. I take things foregrante and you amde me think.I hope things are betetr in Nashville,

  12. Definitely reminds one to not take the little things for granted.

  13. Goodness Christy!
    The power and destructiveness of water always amazes (and shocks) me! So glad that you and yours are okay! Will be praying for those who are suffering!

    I wanted to leave you a message about having moved my blog since you have been one of my beloved followers. I moved it this past weekend and it is now at http://www.bethszimmerman.com/ I would love it if you would come visit ... and maybe even follow again. :)


  14. Wow, those pics are scary. I didn't realize just how bad it was. Yikes

  15. I keep hearing about and seeing photos of the destruction caused by the flooding. It's just unthinkable how much water you all got. It's so scary. Glad to hear that you and yours are safe.

  16. Wow I saw that on the news! Glad you're ok! Great post it notes! :-)

  17. glad to know you guys are safe down there...wish you all a speedy recovering and hope things to get back to a little normal real soon. can't imagine having to go thru that!

    hope you had a happy mothers day!


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