Monday, May 3, 2010

You get a Cookie

The past week we have had some moments that go like this:

Leah: Mommy I went tee-tee in the potty!
Me: (dance around, act like a fool) Yay Leah!!!!
-flush, get star stickers to put on potty board, get high-fives and hugs, and then a cookie

We have also had the moments like this:

Leah walks out of her room crying pointing at her 'peepee'
Leah: Mommy I go tee-tee on my bed

Of course I expected this.  I expected the highs and the lows, and I am totally ready and able to deal with it all.  We have a hand-held carpet cleaner for carpet mistakes and extra sheets for the bed.  But Leah has thrown in a twist I did not expect...

Like many kids, she is having trouble pooping in the potty.  Instead she poops in the bathtub.  Yup, the bathtub.  And it sucks!  She doesn't get a good bath and I have cleaned the tub more than I wanted to because of poop in it.  She knows its wrong.  Last night all I said was..."Leah, why?"  and she looked at me and said "Princess potty mommy."  She knows she is supposed to poppy in the princess potty, but she doesn't.  I think she likes going in the bathtub.  Last night when my husband questioned her about it and she rather excitedly told him she poop in the bathtub.

I need suggestions!  How can I keep her from pooping in the bathtub?!?!?!


  1. In the tub? Oh, no! We didn't have that one happen. Everywhere else, just not the tub.

  2. Oh the woes of potty training. I know that one. My almost 4 year old has regressed and is now "too busy" most of the time to go! AHHHH!
    We had the tub thing a time or two. ewww! I don't know what ya do except rewards rewards!.....whatever works :)

  3. Oh gosh...I still remember when my cousin and I were in the bath and she pooped in the tube. Yikes! Still waiting for the day when this happens with GG. Fingers crossed that we'll never have to experience this. Wish I could offer a tip. Good luck, girl!

  4. Oh man in the tub. That is the worst. I have no suggestions sadly, but good luck.

  5. OOOoooo in the there with my children...

  6. You tell her that as long as she is pooping in the tub...baths are over!! She can take a shower, and get clean (it is much less fun to poop in the shower) if she wants that fun bath-play time, she will quickly realize that the pooping in the tub thing isn't working for her!

  7. I'm wishing you luck on this one. I'd go with the shower until she stops pooping in the tub.

  8. I just read what the above two moms said...and I was going to write that my daughter didn't poop in the bathtub, but in the shower! When she was potty training, I was pregnant with my second, and Lily loved to take showers with me. While I was getting out to dry myself off first and then get her out, she would poop in there if I didn't get her out fast! If Leah doesn't like showers, though, maybe that advice would work! :)

  9. We call that "code brown" around here. (Although I can't take credit, it's a mep-ism we adopted.) Our answer was to stop giving her baths. We have a shower with a hand held attachment and we just gave her showers. It seemed to work. *fingers crossed*

  10. we dont have a bathtub, but i had to handpick the poo from the bathroom floor a couple of times *shudder*

    you may want to withhold the bath for awhile...


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