Friday, April 30, 2010

When's my genie coming?

It's time for Mama M's Five Question Friday!  This is the meme I've been doing the longest, and I still love it!  Click the button above, copy the questions and answer them on your own blog.  Link up and learn more about your fellow bloggers!  And smile ... because the weekend is almost here!!!!!

1. If you could, would you go back to high school?
hmmmm....I don't know.  To have less responsibilities, yes ... but to re-live high school, nah, I'm cool here.  It was fun at the time, although I think the reunion will be fun whenever it comes.

2. If a genie appeared and granted you two wishes, what would they be? (And, no saying "more wishes".)
1. A job for my husband and I that would allow me to stay at home with the girls and for him to have weekends off.

2. A paid for vacation, food and all.  We need one!

3. What kids show do you secretly like?
iCarly ... but Leah doesn't like to watch it yet, lol!  I find myself drawn to the cartoons she watches.  Like, I'll sit down on the couch her so she can watch a cartoon while I read a book and I can't pay attention to the book.  I'm reading one moment and the next I'm like, staring at the t.v. ... we have to help Dora get through the dark forest and take the baby penguin back to his mommy.  Next thing I know I'm singing "We did it!"  Darn addicting cartoons...

4. What is your beverage of choice?
Lemonade!  Strawberry lemonade!  I'm weird.  I live in the south, but I don't like sweet tea. I've never like cokes, or sodas, or pop, or whatever yall call it.  So usually when we go out, I'm either water or lemonade.

5. What is something that you would change about yourself (or are working to change in yourself)?

my weight.

I would also like to change the way I view things.  I often see and focus on the negative and then see the positive.  I want to look at something and see positive and excitement first. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Tattoo

I saw this prompt at Mama Kat's writer workshop...and I just knew what I was going to write about!

4.) The world is going to come to an end unless you get a tattoo that covers your entire back. Describe the tattoo you’ll get.

I have wanted a tattoo for a while!  I've been kinda planning it out since college.  I want a cross with the words faith, hope, love and grace around it.  I want a heart on the cross and a crown of thorns.  So...I sat down and used auto-shapes to draw out a crude rendition of a tattoo that I want.  Well...I'm not sure I would want it on my whole back...but if the world was ending ... go for it!

Andrew said I could make the cross prettier.  He's right ... considering I used auto-shapes on word to draw it!  So the place that I would want it would be on the inside of my wrist, but I want to be a teacher and I'm pretty sure that is not cool to have showing tattoos.  Maybe I could wear a bracelet or a watch so its not quite as noticeable?
Well...what do yall think?  I want opinions here!!!!  You know...with a prettier cross and all :-).  Do you think I should hide it somewhere else?  If so...where?  I'm not too keen about the small of my back, or my ankle.  And then I had so much fun making a tattoo, so I designed my own blog background and template!  Yay for learning new talents :-)

Mama's Losin' It

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Welcome to Nashville

Welcome friends and blog trotters! Kick off you're shoes, make yourselves at home and stay awhile!

Welcome to Nashville, TN
Music City USA

We have 32 Starbucks, 8 Major Hospitals, 109 Metro Parks, 9 Colleges & Universities and 856 churches (within 15 miles of downtown).  In June, we will have lived here for 2 years, and we still haven't seen all that is Nashville!

Nashville is probably best known for its link with country music.  We are home to the Country Music Hall of Fame which is also hosts the CMT Awards.
We also have the Grand Ole Opry; the coveted stage for country musicians as well as many other genres.
Broadway St. is our main 'tourist' attraction where you can find everything country from cowboy boots to trailer park themed bars.  Jack's BBQ is one of the best BBQ sandwiches, and Mike's Ice Cream makes super yummy milkshakes!
Picture Source                                                         Picture Source

Even with all the county lovin' going on down here, Nashville has alot more to offer to the music world.  It has produced some rock bands including Kings of Leon, and Framing Hanley.  Nashville is also a huge area for Christian rock and hard rock.  RED hails from here, and Relient K calls Nashville home.  **side note...we LOVE Relient K and ummm may have tried really hard to happen to run into them...they tweet about where they are going to be...and Andrew actually talked to the drummer while he was on his scooter in're not stalkers...promise...**

Nashville is pretty much a make-it or break-it kind of town.  I have lived all my life in the suburbs of Birmingham, AL.  You don't see many homeless people in Hoover.  The amount of people walking around here carrying a duffel bag and a guitar still shocks me.  At 9am one morning I saw two seemingly homeless people sitting on a bench.  One was sipping his beer and the other was playing a song on the guitar.

Many famous people call Nashville home ... although I have yet to see them so I don't know if I believe them...  They include the Paisley family (Brad, Kim and their two babies...I want to stalk meet them), Bobby Hamilton Sr and Jr, Dave Ramsey, Micheal W. Smith, Miley Cirus, Al Gore, Jack White from the White Strips, Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban, Vince Gill, Jessica Simpson, Kix Brooks, Scott Hamilton and a million more that I don't even know!

Nashville isn't just for famous people and wannabe's ... we got sports too!  I love my Tennessee Titans!  I was a fan before we moved to Nashville and being here just makes it all the better!  We also are home to the Nashville Predators who sadly lost in the first round of the playoffs this year.  We also have the Nashville Sounds a Triple A farm team for the Milwaukee Brewers.  
The amazing Chris Johnson can run over everyone!  Beware ... we are back in 2010!
Home to Shea Weber one of the best hockey players!  Next year we will go farther than the first round!

I was surprised by how large Nashville is!  The metro area covers 7 counties!
We live where the baby is and honestly have not really explored North / East Nashville.  One day...'re not into music or sports?  Well, how about some history?  Nashville is home to The Hermitage, the home of Andrew Jackson.
And it is home to the Iroquois Steeplechase, a horse racing event.
People totally dress up for it...crazy hats and all!

Thank you friends for coming and visiting.  Next time we will hang out longer and drink some Yazoo beer ... brewed right here in Nashville!

Well I thank yall for coming by and visiting my blog!  If you would like, take a minute, click some buttons and learn more about me and my fam.  God Bless, be safe, and Yall come back now ... ya here!

Monday, April 26, 2010

chronic disorganization disorder

Yes, I know its a real disorder that effects real people, but really ... with a name like that?
Yeah, yeah...real people, real disorder...uh huh...
well...not really...
no...I don't...I'm just fat...
...and a little helium fun to make you smile!


This is Leah and Mommy waiting for Daddy to be done with pictures...(I would've taken pictures of the baby too, but she was facing the wrong way, lol)
Mommy taking pictures of me?

Hi Mommy...where's Daddy?
Mommy, take a picture of my mouth!
Look, here's my tongue
And here's my teeth!
Mommy: "Where's your nose?"
Leah:  "Take a picture of it!"
Mommy: "Where are your eyes?"
Leah: "No take pictures of my eyes!"
Mommy: "Where are your ears?"
Leah: "Mommy, no take pictures of my ears!"
Take a picture of my shoe!
Mommy, mommy where is daddy?
Take a picture of Daddy's work!
Mommy, I see Daddy!
Daddy working!  Hi Daddy!  (while Andrew is loading the chair into someone's car) Daddy come over here.  Come on Daddy!
Daddy went back inside!  Waaaaaaaawaaaaa
I want Daddy NOW!
Mommy I see Daddy work...where is he?
I am so ready for Daddy to come!
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!!!  Daddy's coming home!
Mamarazzi Monday
**Disclaimer** I took more pictures than I posted, lol!
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