Monday, April 26, 2010


This is Leah and Mommy waiting for Daddy to be done with pictures...(I would've taken pictures of the baby too, but she was facing the wrong way, lol)
Mommy taking pictures of me?

Hi Mommy...where's Daddy?
Mommy, take a picture of my mouth!
Look, here's my tongue
And here's my teeth!
Mommy: "Where's your nose?"
Leah:  "Take a picture of it!"
Mommy: "Where are your eyes?"
Leah: "No take pictures of my eyes!"
Mommy: "Where are your ears?"
Leah: "Mommy, no take pictures of my ears!"
Take a picture of my shoe!
Mommy, mommy where is daddy?
Take a picture of Daddy's work!
Mommy, I see Daddy!
Daddy working!  Hi Daddy!  (while Andrew is loading the chair into someone's car) Daddy come over here.  Come on Daddy!
Daddy went back inside!  Waaaaaaaawaaaaa
I want Daddy NOW!
Mommy I see Daddy work...where is he?
I am so ready for Daddy to come!
Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!!!!!  Daddy's coming home!
Mamarazzi Monday
**Disclaimer** I took more pictures than I posted, lol!


  1. Oh how sweet. that is like my little one..

    Happy MOnday..

  2. Awww too sweet!
    I remember those days of sitting with my mom in the car waiting on my dad to get out of work.

  3. kids don't wait well...AT ALL. They get their lack of patience from their mother...ssshhh, did I admit that publicly? ssshhh don't tell dh.

    Very cute pix and I can so relate.

  4. Very cute story! You can really follow her emotions through it all.

  5. wow, yuo were able to capture it all! my son is like that, too. "daddy, hugsee!"

  6. This is the cutest photo post EVER! Now, if it were me, I wouldn't have had my camera with me!


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