Monday, April 5, 2010

Mama Guilt

Today over at Cop Mama, we all gather to talk about our Mama Guilt.  You case your Monday sucks, just think of a time you felt worse on your kid's behalf.  Just joking... So Cop Mama wants to know about Leah's first black-eye.  Wanna play along too?  Click the button below!  You know the guilty like to hang out in groups!

Mama Guilt Mondays

Here is Leah's first (and only) black-eye:
Poor thing fell out of the bed and landed on something.  Well, really I assume that's what happened.  All I know for sure is she went to bed without a black eye, woke up crying in the middle of the night, and had a black-eye the next morning.  Should I have kept her room cleaner...well sure.  I mean unless someone punched her in the middle of the night. 
Now you may ask, when did this black-eye occur?
Did you guess the day before Audrey was born?  Because you would be correct.  So while family and friends are all coming over to visit the baby, my poor 2-year old is sitting there with a black eye.
I'm sure everyone was thinking...did they really think they can handle another one?  Since they are letting their first get black eyes and all.
And no...the child still hasn't learned how to sleep in her bed.  The covers are often found on the floor.  And yes, we are trying to get her a bigger bed, lol.
Although as funny as Leah's first black eye may seem...the worst Mama Guilt happened when Leah burned her arm on hot water I had microwaved to make hot chocolate with less than a month after this.  Read about this incident here.


  1. bruises and black eyes are like a right of passage for kids! I know you can't NOT feel guilty, but you can't blame yourself :)

  2. Oh yes, those shiners! Oh well, she's totally a cutie pie!

    Thanks for linking up and sharing YOUR Mama Guilt!


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