Thursday, April 1, 2010

Worst Names


Today Confessions of a Working Mom and the (Un)Experienced Mom host their weekly Top 3 Thursday.  The theme today is your Top 3 Favorite Names.  I thought about it when I read it earlier, but decieded I didn't really have anything interesting to add to this one.  But I have been influenced.  And I'm invoking creative liberty and twisting their theme a bit (don't hate me...its funny)
Top 3 Names I Would NOT Name My Child (that are real names)

3. Bryant : Shudder.  **When it is used as Bear Bryant**  Honestly this just seems like a dog's name to me, but waaaaay to many kids are stuck with this name after the late great Coach Bear Bryant gag Even my sweet nephew has been saddled with this name, but at least its his middle name (and it's b/c of his sister-in-law's ex)

2. Tyde:  Seriously?  Its the name of detergent people, just changing a letter doesn't make it any better, and it does not show support for your team.

1. Crimson: Oh no.  This poor child is doomed.  And my co-worker told me she knew a little girl named Crimson.  How far will people take their love of a football team?

This post was inspired by this story.  The absolute worst name:  Crimson Tide Redd.  Have I mentioned I grew up in Alabama?  Go read this short little will make you laugh, and you will understand a bit more of some of the people I grew up with!

Disclaimer:  No, I would not name my child War, Eagle, Aubie, Go, Tigers, Shug, Dye, Jordan ... ok I would name a child Jordan, but it would not be pronounced Jurdan

p.s. Perhaps you have to be a true bleed orange and blue Auburn fan to find this funny, but let me tell has made my day.  And I know it will at least make Allyson smile!


  1. People will take it pretty far with sports names. No Tyde or Crimson for me either.

  2. That's Great! Thanks for sharing. I'm also having a giveaway for a super cute and trendy diaper changing pad if your interested. Come check it out

  3. My husband is a crazy Alabama fan, but there is no way we would inflict any of those names on our children! I think Tyde is the worst!

  4. I LOVE This post! I think you are right - those are the top 3 most terrible names for your child!! And yes your sweet baby girl made me smile! WAR EAGLE!

  5. I actually think crimson is kinda cool....haha, but that's just me!

  6. Too funny! I actually thought, when I was younger, that I would love to have twin girls and name them Crimson and Clover! (One of my favorite songs, and I thought they'd be nice names that weren't too 'twinny'.) I still kinda like the idea, but I didn't have twins. The world is probably better for it! :)


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