Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Movie Review #1

Book Sneeze has provided me with the pleasure to review the movie Gigi’s Big Break. Gigi is a little girl in a Christian family. The tag line to her movie series is Gigi, God’s little Princess. This DVD contains two stories, White Lie and Pink Surprise.

White Lie is a story based on how a small lie can swell into something much larger. Gigi breaks a vase while dancing, and concocts this story about robbers and her next door neighbor. I love the way the parents handle Gigi’s story without putting her down, while still letting her know how bad lying is.

Pink Surprise is a story where Gigi finds out her mother is expecting a baby! She is excited until she talks to her friends and finds out that baby’s poop, pee, and cry. Most importantly her friends tell her that they baby will take all the attention away so that her parents will no longer want her. So, she packs her bags and prepares to leave. The scene where her parents explain that she is always wanted and loved is just too cute.

I really enjoyed these videos. They have wonderful stories attached to them, even if the animation isn’t cutting edge. Leah really enjoyed watching Gigi Princess too, even though she’s a bit young to fully grasp the morals of the stories. This DVD and even the series are perfect for little girls growing up in Christian families. I highly recommend Gigi’s Big Break!

**I was provided with a copy of Gigi’s Big Break by to review this film**

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