Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Crushin' on ...

Oh my, The (un)experienced mom and Confessions of a Working Mom are talking crushes tonight!  Ok, so I know I'm like super late, but ya was my birthday and that just didn't leave any time to blog!  But I had to do this one ... because I love me some celebrities!

My Top Three Guilty Celebrity Crushes:

3. Bradley Cooper
He's got that sweet sensitive super hot guy next door look and he is so funny!  Didn't you love The Hangover too?  Oh, and what's a celebrity crush post without pictures of boys with their shirts off?

2. Gerard Butler

I watched The Ugly Truth the other day and it just moved him back up into the top three list.  Have you seen that movie?  He plays the sweet bad it!  Oh, and he was the Phantom in Phantom of the Opera!

1. Chad Ochocinco

What? You're telling me you missed this post?  Because I'm sure people who have been reading my blog for awhile probably could have guessed this one, hehe.  A football playing, ballroom dancing, sweet guy with a bad side, and a good sense of humor...need I say more?

**so...the topless pictures of Ochocinco were a bit racy ... so here's another football picture, lol!


  1. Chad has something about him!

  2. I may be the only one, but I haven't seen the Hangover yet, but totally think Bradley Cooper is just the cutest! Happy Friday!

  3. I have been surprised that more people haven't listed Bradley Cooper. His eyes-- enough said!

    And Ocho Cinco? I DID miss that post, and I am surprised to see him on your list! Off to read the post I must have missed!


  4. Hi! I’m also a Skinny Jeans member, and wanted to stop by your personal blog to say hello and follow you too. :)

    GL to all of us in this, we’re in it together!

    - Sheri


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