Sunday, April 25, 2010

Goodnight Dolls

Went to bed last night to find that it was already occupied...
Leah loves putting her dolls to bed and I almost always find one in her bed with the covers pulled up.  I love the imagination on this child!


  1. My little girl does that same thing! Sometimes there's barely enough room for her in the bed :)

  2. That is funny. I guess I'd rather find them in the bed than step on them in my bare feet :). I love kids!

  3. she tucked them in? cute :)

    my son say goodnight to all of his bears and he makes me and his dad do it, too...

    these kids :)

  4. My daughter has done this with her stuffed animals! It's so cute to find them tucked into my bed right before I get in myself!


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