Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Diets Suck: The Vlog

Hey yall, welcome to week two of Diets Suck! I did a vlog. Vlog = video blogging or blogging with your clothes on. Get it...because you are on video, hahahah. ok whatever, I think I'm funny. have been warned. I'm weird and I sound like a 12-year old. I don't like watching myself, so I probably wont watch this, but I did test it to see if it worked, lol. Well then...onto the Vlog!

Now its your turn! Go write a post about anything and everything weight / diet related and link up down here. It can be a post you wrote on Monday, whatever, I'm not that picky. Or step outside your comfort zone and do a vlog!


  1. Yes, they do suck. I can't seem to even start one now a days.

  2. I think your vlog was great... i did my 1st one the other day and I dont know if ill ever do it again i sounded like a lil kid oh and i did this crazy eye rolling thing ALOT! haha!!

    Yeah diets do suck.. I think i cant consider Mickey D's coffee & a mini snickers a meal but I did! Hey but at least i didnt go over my calorie limit LMAO!!!

  3. You are just the cutest thing ever. I was giggling the whole time you were doing the fat Christy and thin Christy imitations. (to be completely honest? I think thin Charlie is a stick in the mud... but I suppose that's not the right attitude to have...when I am hungry or tired, fat Charlie is a lot more convincing!) Anyhoo, great vlog! Loved it!

  4. Great vlog Christy!!! Vlogging about my weight loss journey has been a HUGE help. I post them on YouTube and there are so many people on there doing the same thing. You get a ton of support, and what's better...ACCOUNTABILITY!
    If I go a week without posting my weekly weigh-in, I have 62 subscribers who very quickly email me and say..."Is everything ok this week? You haven't uploaded a video yet!" LOL It sounds silly, but it really does help! Let me know if you would like some new recipes to try, I have tons! Love ya girl!

  5. Hey Girly! I'm running way behind (trying to return boatloads of comment luv now) so I didn't get linked up this week but I WILL be back! :)


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