Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Papa

My Papa is my mom's father.  He passed away when I was in middle school.  Papa was married to Mema, my mom's step-mom.  I have a very wonderful and special relationship with my Mema.
My mom's mother passed away when she was a child.  Mema was my Great-Aunt Lucinda's hairdresser.  Aunt Lucinda (a sporty feminist) is Papa's sister.  She decided that Mema was meant to marry Papa, and approached her by saying something like 'My brother needs a wife, his children need a mother, and I think you are perfect."  They were married in Dothan, AL in 1966 ... my mom was 7 and my Uncle Tommy was 10 (well...Mema thinks).  Papa was a salesman...he tried selling insurance, moved to working with Proctor-Gamble, and ended up at a bag company based in Nashville.  He was also a photographer.  Mema says his favorite thing to photograph was flowers (before I came along of course).  She said he could make a tiny bug on a flower look huge.

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When I was young, he was diagnosed with bladder cancer.  I remember he lost alot of weight.  I remember he couldn't remember who I was.  But I always knew how much he loved me and my sister.
The other day, I took some pictures of Leah with Mom's camera.  She later wrote this to me in an email:

"Your pictures you took of Leah turned out really good.  You have turned out to be a good photogopher and I know it is fun for you.  PaPa would be proud of you :)"

That statement made my year.  My favorite thing to photograph (other than my children) are flowers.  I live in Nashville...I've always felt a pull towards this city.  Thank you Papa for passing this talent on to me.  I love that I'm keeping him alive in my pictures.

These flowers are dedicated to my Papa:
I am proud to be his first born grandchild.  I know I was a light in his life.
I've been told the story that Papa quit smoking for me.  Well, at least around me because it made me cough.
My most cherished picture of my Papa and I was taken when I was probably around 5.
He is giving me a big 'ole bear hug as we are sitting on the stairs.  He looks so happy.
I carried it around in my wallet all through high school.  I know exactly what box it is in at my parent's house.
I love that Papa photographed flowers, and that I picked up on that skill without even knowing I was following in his footsteps.
My mom has Papa's old cameras and lenses.
Maybe one day I will inherit them...hint, hint, wink, wink
I am proud to be my Papa's granddaughter.  My Papa...War World II vet, salesman, dad and photographer


  1. Wow, this was very touching and i loved all of the pictures!

    Ohh I got the Daddy I do dvd yesterday!

  2. Wonderful post! He sounds like a great guy. And your flowers are stunning!

  3. He definitely passed the talent to you, because you have got it, girl! I'm so happy you have such fond memories of him.

  4. i love the pictures! you have your papa's eyes (photographer's) :)

  5. Very sweet, what an awesome story.

  6. What beautiful pictures! I definitely think your Papa would be proud.

  7. what an amazing story.. Thanks for sharing with me... I am so happy to learn more about your family.. I really love all of the pictures you shared. Those are very pretty flowers I love them and now your Papa will also. I had a Papa also and he was amazing. I know I will post about him soon..

    THanks for linking up.. Have a great weekend..

  8. That is probably one of the most beautiful posts I have read! So wonderful. And yes, you have picked up his talent because your pics are fabulous. He must be guiding you. How lucky you two were to love each other so much!

  9. lovely nature photos,
    what beautiful mood your post creates.

    Happy Family Friday!
    You Rock!

  10. Your post brought tears to my eyes. Wonderful.

  11. What a lovely and beautiful post and tribute to Papa. I am sure he will be so PROUD OF YOU!
    Have you a great Sunday!
    Mine is here


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