Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Trip to See the Ducks

We went to see the ducks at Shakespeare Park in Montgomery, AL a couple of weeks ago.  The weather was just beautiful!
Even though Leah had a cold, she could not wait to get out of the car and into the sun!
The ducks were out enjoying the sun as well.
We went to the steps that actually enter the lake to see the ducks up close and personal.
We saw ducks swimming.
We ever learned how a duck finds his food.
Leah with the amazing Shakespeare Theatre behind her.  If you ever visit Montgomery, this park and a play is a must!  (plus my Mema works here)
The ducks decided it was time to come up on shore.  I think they were either mating or protecting their territory.  Check out the guy with the mo-hawk!
I just couldn't resist up close duck shots, even while I was wearing Audrey on my chest.
And then mo-hawk guy made this face, and I left.  More awesome pictures aren't worth being attacked by ducks.
Bye Bye ducks.  What a fun time at the park!
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  1. Oh how sweet! Looks like a fun day, love the ducks :)

  2. Wow! Your ducks make our ducks look so bland. What the heck kind of ducks are those?

  3. Oh what a fun time. I have never seen ducks like those up close. I only get the brown ones or green ones. What a fun day. I am so happy you came by and linked up. Have a wonderful weekend with your family.

  4. AWW! Feeding ducks really is a lot of fun with kids!! Mohawk was a little scary looking though!! :)

  5. What a fun day! Love the pics! It looks like it was the perfect day to be out and about!

  6. Treasured times for sure. Great pictures...especiall the Dad and Daughter ByeBye picture.

  7. What a fun outing! Yay for Spring!

  8. LOl...ducks majorly freak me out but my kids always want to go feed them!
    I love the photos.
    War Eagle!

  9. a great day had by all, cute pics :)

  10. that was such a great experience to a child, and adults too....

  11. Leah is SO cute. Oh my goodness. Just pure deliciousness : ) I am glad you had a fun adventure out!

  12. She is a doll...We made a trip to the duck pond too...Enjoying a Saturday of blog hopping and reading all the Easter posts. Hope you will stop by for a visit.
    On Sunday night I will be drawing for

    Happy Easter

  13. Sometimes the sunshine and clean air is JUST the cure for a cold. A trip to the park seems like the best prescription out there!

    Those are the most interesting ducks I think I've ever seen!

  14. Very colorful ducks you have in AL. I was thinking the duck I captured on Tuesday with his nice dark green head was pretty cool, but not after seeing your more flashy ones!
    Looks like a great day to visit the pond.


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