Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We had such a wonderful Easter I just have to share it with all of you here!  Andrew and I work opposite shifts so our usual interaction consists of about 5 minutes between Hi and Bye and maybe an hour before I fall asleep at night.  Its tough, and it takes a toll, but we are really just blessed to have two jobs.  Like really.  We made it through two lay-offs in 2009, and thank goodness to connections is how we keep finding jobs. 

The day started off well; hectic but well.  The girls were actually really well at church, which if you have kids you know is a small miracle!  I love how all the parents with young kids sit together.  When the sermon starts you hear ziploc bags of snacks opening, books pulled out of bags and kids now consumed with coloring.  It makes me giggle.  Plus, when your kid screams out one week, no one can say anything or give you any dirty looks, because it just may be there kid acting out the next week.
The girls had matching Easter dresses.  I LOVE them!  I am so going to be that Mom who dresses kids the same and possibly one day that family who all matches in a color coordinated kind of way.  They are just too cute!
I really wanted to get a picture of the girls Leah holding Audrey.  But of course I got the response..."Leah no wanna hold her."  Oh well...maybe one day, when they are like 20 they will pose together.  Leah wore her first pair of high heels!  They were so cute, and she walked so well in them...probably better than in her tennis shoes since she wants to walk on her toes all the time.
See my shoes?  Of course, when I say first pair of high heels, I really mean first pair that actually fit her feet...
Haha...look at that hair.  I just don't know what to do about it...but that's a whole 'nother post :-)

When we got home from church, we headed out to the grills to cook out, enjoy the sun and hunt for Easter eggs!
The time we could spend as a family was perfect.  The weather was perfect.  The non-traditonal meal of hot dogs, brats, chips & dip and mac & cheese was perfect.  It was really an amazing relaxing holiday.  Of course I took tons and tons of pictures, so here a few just for fun!

Mamarazzi Monday
I have found the Meme that fits me to a tee!  This describes me exactly!  Click on the button for more awesome pictures!


  1. What sweet photos! I envy what looks like awesome weather! It was so cold in Germany yesterday!

  2. I love the dresses! Stopping from SITS!

  3. They are so cute in their matching dresses!

  4. it sounds like you had an awesome Easter Holiday! And the pictures were just gorgeous!!!

  5. Those matching dresses are just adorable!! And those pudgy fingers... precious!!

    I am "That Mom" too!!! I used to dress my boys in the same clothes when they were both in Toddler sizes... My favorite joke was to tell observers (with a totally straight face mind you)

    "Well that way if I lose one I can just say - he looks like this just a little bigger/smaller!"

    OH - the LOOKS!! too funny...

    Thanks for linking up! :)
    You're a natural Mamarazzi!

  6. Those are some great shots.


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