Thursday, April 1, 2010

Want some Ice Cream?

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On my huge list of suggestions to vent about, I forgot to include husbands. Especially husbands who want ice cream. This is how is went down at my house last night....

A arrives home from work tired, and plops down on the couch. (He works evenings so the kids are already in bed.) I tell him I’m going to be on the computer for this and that. He interrupts with a “Whatever.”

~10 minutes later

A: “You know what would be good right now?”
C: “No, what?”
A: “Some ice cream. Do you want some?”
C: “No, I’m trying to lose weight, remember?”
A: “Oh. But I think some ice cream would taste good.”
C: “Ok. Whatever.  I'm busy.”

~5 more minutes pass

A: “Would you go get me some ice cream?”
C: “No. I don’t want to go out right now.”
A: “But I would go out for you if you wanted some.”
C: “But I don’t want some.”
A:  "Yeah, but if you did want some then I would go get it."

A: “I wish you would get caught up with your blog. I miss sitting on the couch and watching tv shows with you. You’re always on the computer blogging now.”
C: “I told you I was going to be on the computer tonight. You said it didn’t bother you.”
---side note: we don’t have a laptop, only a desktop that is in the same room as him---
A: “It doesn’t. It would just be nice to hang out with you.”

~10 more minutes…I finish adding MckLinky

C (feeling guilty): “Do you still want some ice cream?”
A: “Yes, I would love some! And why don’t you take the dog out before you leave, since you’re going out an all.”

So, I went to the store and bought only him a small container of ice cream. And I watched him eat the whole cookies and cream pint. I really like ice cream…The things we do for permission to blog a happy husband and my sanity love.


  1. Oh my goodness! that was so funny! "what we will do for permission to blog." LOL

  2. Permission to blog......ROFL! That is so true! =)

  3. My hubby does this to me all the time. He has no control. Good for you. Love the post.
    Made me feel like I'm not alone in this fight for not eating ice cream :-)


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