Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fiction Writing

Hey guys ... so you may remember Self Reflections Tuesday, and how it kinda just stopped ...

I'm sorry about that.  With the moving and the new work blocking blogger and all the craziness of the last three weeks ... I just kinda let it slide.  and for some reason, I just felt like it wasn't working.

But ... I wanna try a new idea ... since I'm like crazy like that or something.

Recently I have really enjoyed dabbling in fictional writing ... just short stories, just fun stuff to increase my creativity and improve my writing skills.  Also it's easier for me to write a fictional story at work rather than a blog post ... I just write these better in Blogger for some reason ... I'm more the 'real' me or something like that, lol!

So ... I'd like to start a fictional writing weekly linkup ... what do y'all think about that?  I need suggestions ...

If I post the link-up on Tuesday would you rather get the theme that day and have a week to link up, or would you like to get the theme on say Sunday and have your post ready to go?

This is not something for published writers, and you don't even have to think it's good ... I just want an excuse to write fiction and I'd love to have my friends play along with me too!!!!!

are you in?

well ... here's the first week's prompt ... feel free to take a creative license (that means you don't have to follow the rules exactly) with the prompt ... I kinda did anyways.

The love of your life is getting married to someone else. In a last-ditch attempt to win the love of your life back, you bust into the wedding and profess your love mid-ceremony. Start your story with the line, "Don't say yes!"
prompt from Writer's Digest Writing Prompts

The linky will be open till Sunday 10/10 .. come back anytime and link up!

Suggest a cool name and I will give you credit :-)


Have fun and write fiction!
oh, and it would be cool if your post pertained to the prompt in at least a little bit
please post the url to the post, not to your blog

1 comment:

  1. I think I'll give this a try. I've been thinking of starting my book again but I'm still stuck. This might help me to get in that creative vibe again.


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