Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Scientists Really are Weird

Sometimes streotypes are true.  Scientists are weird, odd, quirky, however you want to say it.  That's just one reason I say I have a quirky mind.  Guess it takes one to know one.  But this...well...this just seems a bit much to me.

We have a bulletin board in our hallway featuring all the proffessors in our department and another that features all the graduate students in our department.  It has their picture and lists their lab, where the came from or undergrad school, and an interesting fact.

Well, today I noticed the student on the bottom right-hand corner of the poster.
wow...are words really needed? 
**click and make larger to read "Harry Potter's" description**

 check out Seven Clown Circus and 5 Minutes for Mom for more pictures!


  1. Ha! But Harry Potter is the best!

  2. That is hysterical! I have always said that scientist were really strange, now I have proof.
    Great photo!

  3. That is just my kind of humor!! ;) My hubby and I watched all the Potter flicks in one week once... when we were done we were really sad!! and then we spent the week using our "wands" around the house... in the grocery store... coffee shop... book store.. Lunatics we were!! at least we had fun! ;) so the question is... are you a Potter fan? My other favorite potter is B. Potter! =)


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