Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tweet Tweet Time

What?!?!  You mean you're not following me on Twitter?  Well then you're missing on tweets such as these:

I was Jammin' to my music so loud on the way in this morning my hair would blow whenever the bass kicked in

Last night I was Super Mommy with steriod power...the power to clean the house!!!!

seriously if Kansas loses I'm just going to through my bracket away

being sick sucks...being sick and having a whole family that is catching it sucks monkey balls

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  1. ugh, tell me about it. This cold just keeps going around and around and around. I as well, like to rock the juicebox!

  2. That is the cutest tweety-bird I have seen yet! And yes ... I clicked on it!

  3. Thanks for tweeting around with us today!

  4. Following you now! Hope y'all feel better!


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