Monday, March 15, 2010

I ... love my blog friends!

I am....a tired mommy who slept wrong on her shoulder last night and is now very sore

I think....listening to political talk radio may be giving me nightmares

I reading the paper on macrophages that my boss gave me this morning

I dream....of staying at home with my girls

I want....a nap and a massage

I know...that Jesus loves me and watches over me

I don't like....that everyone around has a cold

I smell...thankfully nothing right now (the lab can have the absolute worst stench sometimes.  I've worked here for over a year and a half, and the smell still makes me sick)

I coworker coughing and talking to herself

I fear....not being able to provide for my children as well as I want to

I usually...listen to music way too loud

I search...for a part-time job or some way to make extra money

I girls when I'm at work

I always...pray before going to sleep

I regret....unintentionally hurting people I cared about by following my feelings

I wonder....when things will click in my head

I crave....chocolate

I wonderful friend Matt who left too soon

I need.....more hours in the day

I take DVDs back to the box

I feel....loved

I daily at being the best wife ever

I can't....make the pain in my shoulder go away

I am happy....that the drama with my in-laws is gone

I lose.....socks

I sing....all the time, even in public...outloud in public

I the radio constantly...I like the noise even if I don't pay attention

I shop.....for groceries because that's about all we can afford

I eat....bean burgers for lunch

I family and the opportunties to love them

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  1. Clever.
    I like ... this post ...


    Happy Monday!

    Just Jenn

  2. Happy FMM! I too dream of staying home with my son.

    Have a great week!


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