Monday, March 8, 2010

This is Me

This is Me:
This is how I act most of the time

Sometimes you can find me thinking
and most times I just look like this

This is what I feel like when I turn my hard rock music up while I'm driving

(halloween costume)
This is one of my proudest days
This is why I get headaches
This is what I feel like sometimes
But most days I'm more like this

Play nice, or else this face comes back

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  1. Cute post!!

    I'm a little late but I'm your newest follower from Friday Follow. :)

  2. That was adorable! I love all of the photos :)

  3. Love your portraits! Your lil girls face looks like she's saying "Get that camera outta my face!"

  4. That was AWESOME! I feel like I truy know you now :)

  5. funny clever post! ;)
    I love it!
    Just Jenn~

  6. Wow....I was fat! This is the hubby by the way. :-)

  7. I am your latest follower from FF!!! Your blog is definitely informative, I will be hanging around for awhile.

    You can also follow my blog at


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