Friday, March 12, 2010

Story Time

Hi Bloggy land!  Thank you to all my new friends.  I can't wait to come visit all of your sites!  If you visiting from Amy's Round Robin, welcome!  Please play along and add to the story!

I'm out this weekend, visiting the in-laws down in Tuscalooser, AL.  So, I'm passing my blog over to you, my lovely readers.  I saw this on Ashley's site As a Matter of Opinion and thought it was just to coolest idea.

Below I'm going to write a short beginning to a story, and I'm asking you to add to it through your comments.

Together let's write a fantastic story!

A few rules:
  • You may comment more than once but not one right after another.
  • Be Creative!
  • Have fun!
I hope you'll all take part in this!!!!  I will leave it open over the weekend for sure and maybe a few more days.  Then I'll put it together and put it on a page for all to read! goes nothing

The alarm went off, again.  She stirred over and fumbled to read the snooze button on the beeping cellphone.  She could hear the pitter-patter of the rain and his loud snores.  The baby was starting to stir through the monitor.  She lugged herself out of bed and shuffled to the shower.  The hot water felt welcoming upon her tired skin.  She reached for the towel off the towel rack to discover that nothing hung there.  Frustrated she ran naked through the apartment, shivering until she could find a clean towel to wrap around her no longer warm body.  The baby was crying now, hungry, and ready to eat.  While fixing her bottle, she looked around the apartment.  The laundry was in piles on the floor, the dishes in piles in the sink.  She sighed and listened to the thunder...

Ok, your turn!

1 comment:

  1. As the thunder rolled she wonder how much rain would come. It did not matter that the laundry had piled up because she had something else to listen to. She picked up the baby and they watched the rain begin to fall..

    Thanks for linking up this was fun..


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