Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Fragments

I'm feeling pretty fragmented today. I'm also feeling alot of posts that I want to write today! Is it bad or annoying when people write more than one post a day? There are just so many fun things I want to participate in, plus I have a personal post. Maybe I'll write that one tomorrow...

Mommy's Idea

Well, onto Friday Fragments from Mrs. 4444. Go check out her blog and visit some more fragmented people's blogs!

The entire family is getting over colds and such, so we have been taking turns visiting the doctor. Andrew took the girls to the doctor on Tuesday. When they weighed them, Leah (2.5 years old) weighs 28 pounds and Audrey (4 months old) weighs 14 pounds! Oh this rate one year old Audrey is going to be bigger than 3 year old Leah, lol!

I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I was so sure I had an ear infection (Leah has one) that I confidently told the doc what was wrong with me. She looked in my ear and replied, "Nope, no ear infection. It’s just bulging from your swollen sinuses." Man...I felt dumb...and embarrassed! So I got a steroid shot to help with the swelling. Wow, those things hurt!

While I was waiting to go to the doctor, a man came in. His name was Hugo Chavez. For real. The receptionist asked his translator (wife maybe?) to repeat it like three times. I don't think she believed him, lol!

Saw this picture the other day.  It made me laugh!

I cleaned the living room crazy good last night. Vacuumed then put out powder to help pick up every last dog hair. Kept the babies off the carpet for twenty minutes. Vacuumed again. Let the dog out of his house, and what does he do? Go lay on his back on my oh so clean carpet and rub around in it. Really? Ugh...there goes my clean carpet.

We are having craft day at our house tomorrow! I am so excited! We are making prayer idea I got from Jessica and Two Shades of Pink. I've been wanting to make these since January!
Picture from Two Shades of Pink

Happy Friday!  Come visit my blog this weekend to see how our craft weekend went, read about my Brother-in-law Graydon's trip to the hospital at what comes now (with my poetic twist...of course), and my bestie's interview about her journey to walk 3-days for Breast Cancer Awarness!


  1. Hugo Chavez? That is hilarious!

    What a cute craft idea! I might have to try that with my daughter!

  2. Well I certainly hope it's okay to write several posts in one day. I've been doing that forever. Too many words that need to find their way out! :)

    I think my favorite thing about Heaven may be having a truly healthy body! No allergies sounds like Heaven to me!

    Craft is adorable! God made me without a craftiness gene but I really appreciate it in others!

    Have fun!

  3. what a cute craft idea! I am going to have to print it up for next Easter's gifts! We already made this year's.
    It is amazing how long sinus infections can hang around.....I think I am going on a month.

  4. Lol, I love that picture too. I used to have it in my blog's sidebar.

    Cute flower garden!

  5. Craft weekend sounds like a fun idea. My kids would enjoy that!

    I would have questioned the name Hugo Chavez too :)

  6. Hope you are all feeling better now...
    I just read a few posts... LOL! Fun to do list.... (you are still so young lots o time!) I am not going to be 40 in Dec... really... I only lie a little... promise...) =)
    Love the crafty flowers!! fun... I will hop over there in a minute! saying a prayer for your BIL.... right now! Thanks for coming by and laughing at my goofy sense of humor! speaking of drama queens... ha ha! =)


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