Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Are you kidding me?

Ok, so this is my first What I meant to say Wednesday.  Before I delve into that joy, I have to give you the story behind this.

I helped with the Upward program at our church this year.  It was our first year, and I really enjoyed helping out as much as I could.  I refereed the little kids (who were so freaking cute) and volunteered to help with the celebration.  I found out my good friend's baby shower would be the same Saturday, so instead of helping at the celebration, I made the slide show for it.  At the meeting last Monday, we decided to have a 35-45 minute slideshow run continuously in the background.  I got some pictures, accepted my assingment and went home.  Many complications and frustrations later, I couldn't get the DVD to burn.  So, I burned the pictures onto one dvd and the music onto a cd.

I took them to church and explained that the pictures needed to be played as a slideshow and the music could be played in the background (because it went with the pictures).

Youth Director:  Oh.  Well that's ok.  I'll just play the picture slideshow and my own music on the boom box.  That's what I was going to do anyway.

Me:  Ok, good luck.

WIMTS:  ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!  I spent 2 hours just picking out the music alone!  and you didn't even want to use it?  I stayed up until 2am trying to make this thing work and all I could have done was give you the pictures?!?!?!  **Stomp and pout on the way out.**

and another:

Me to Sick Co-worker:  You should really go ahead and go home.

Sick co-worker:  What, you don't want me getting you sick?

Me: Aww, no.  I just want you to start feeling better.

WIMTS:  YES!  If I get sick I will personally blame you.  Life is hectic enough with a two-year old, 3 month old and a hubby with allergies.  Add a sick me ontop of that, and I'm coming after you.  So take your coughing sneezing butt home and go lay on the couch.  But I really do want you to feel better...


  1. LOL! I sympathize...with both situations.

    I bet your music was awesome! You rock anyway!

  2. I've had so many moments like that.

  3. OO! I like this topic! I can't believe that you put so much work into that music and they didn't even use it. It takes a lot not to say anything, I am the same way though!

  4. aww that stinks i would have been upset! lol!! free time is precious when you have little ones.. im sure you could have found something better to do than make a playlist that no one was gonna use!! lol!!

  5. that sucks

    no one has time to do stuff for the heck of it!

    I know Im late <-----total loser

    Thanks for playing I will do better next week


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