Friday, June 4, 2010

How to be beautiful

Leah is not the greatest when it comes to putting her hair up ...

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecilyand Krista

but Grandma totally loves to put her hair up ...
and I must admit it does look pretty cute ...

so far ... so good ...

using the whole distractions idea here

uuhhh I think we hit a snag or tangle

and now it's just downhill from here

even some advice from Aunt Allison just can't stop the tears

wanna know what advice Aunt Allison had to offer?
"Leah, sometimes it hurts to be beautiful"

---if sarcasm could come through the computer ... imagine it here now---
Thanks Allison

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here's a sneak peek -->


  1. Oh those are ouch times for sure.. What a sport for trying to stay with it. Great advice.. Thanks for adding my link to your post today.. Smiles..

    Have an amazing weekend.

  2. I wish I could do the same, but Narelle still doesn't have enough hair... have a blessed weekend and more hair-ventures!

  3. My kids hate getting their hair done! Leah looks sooo cute! I hope you have a wonderful weekend

  4. She's a cutie - hair up or down! My little girl won't live without a hair bow, but she always has an opinion whether or not her hair is up or down. I can never guess what mood she will be in. lol

  5. My daughter used to hate having her hair put together too. It pays off in the end to have your hair done.

    Hope to see you stop by "Mia Monday' every week is a different theme. Monday it is 5 of your favorite photos of yourself. You can choose any time period that you want. Come on by and link up and have fun.

  6. I kinda gather you aren't a fan of the phrase... but it's SO true. Think about all we go through to be "beautiful" to others. (I put in quotes because each and every person is truly beautiful on the inside... it sometimes just takes us a bit to accept that!)

  7. cute,
    thank you for being creative!

  8. Aww..the poor little sweetie! My girl still whines when I put her hair up now, even when she is the one to ask.
    Love the picture with the sunglasses too!!

  9. What a cute post! Bless her heart. Yes, sometimes we have to endure some pain in order to be beautiful. (Plucking my eyebrows comes to mind right there!)

    Thanks for sharing. She is so cute!

  10. Yeah I pretty much sucked when it can to having my girls all dolled up with their hair done..... don't like the fighting and the crying to achieve it..... eventually they want their hair done and that is when I step in or they do it themselves!


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