Thursday, June 24, 2010



Sometimes I'd rather be alone
to stand up strong to every foe
to show that I can hold my own
a single solitary force

When others come I creak and groan
I complain for I'd rather be alone
I don't want them here
I don't need them here
I can do it on my own

But when they leave
I cry
tears fall from the sky
and sting me as I wait
all alone

Perhaps I'd rather not be alone

As I sit in solitude waiting
I notice all around me
is a force that never moves

For in all weathers, it shields me
protects me even if not completely
even when I am alone
He is near me

Sometimes I yearn to be alone
perhaps not to fight every foe
perhaps not to prove a point
but just to reflect

I took this picture when I was in college on the Auburn University campus.  This poem is inspired by Mama Kat's workshop.

If you want to see the before and after edit of the shot check it out here -- Before and After

I also linked my poem up with The Southern Institutes new blog hop -- What's on your heart?



  1. Both are beautiful and well done!

  2. Time to be alone is something I cherish. It has been scarce, ever since Narelle's birth. But as long as He watches over us, we are not lonely, whether we are alone or in a crowd.

  3. I long for that time also. (I took Mama Kat's suggestion of visiting the 3 links above mine, and yours was the second -- interesting, because I know quite a few Auburn grads through church, and I live in Florida.) :-)

  4. Great poem! And I love the editing you did to this picture!

  5. Thanks for writing What's On Your Heart today, Christy! Beautiful poem and beautiful photo as well! Have a great day!

  6. beautiful, poem and photo :)

  7. great poem.. Have an amazing day..

  8. That is a stunning picture and what a beautiful poem! Have a great day! Stopping by from SITS!

  9. Makes me think of the little boy in daycare right now...

  10. Wow, that's a really great poem. I love that you are so inspired by that photo to be so creative. We had neighbors who went to Auburn. :)

  11. What beautiful words for such a beautiful photo.

  12. Stopping by from Mama Kat's blog.. What a pretty picture and your poem goes perfectly with it. I have very similar feelings about being alone too..

  13. What an amazing poem and picture! :) Thanks for sharing! :)

    I'm hosting a BLOG BASH! I hope you will stop by and join in on the fun! Gain new followers and blogs to read! :)

  14. Its funny when I was young I loved to be around people all the time. Now that I have had children I love my times that I am alone. Great poem.


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