Monday, June 14, 2010

You Complete Me pt.1

I could have taken the easy way out ... with the 'easy' relationship.  You see ... I'm a selfish person.  gasp...did she really just say that   I want everything to go my way, and I want it to go my way right now, and why can't the whole freaking world just figure it out ... my way ... let's get it right ... MY WAY ... right now!!!!!!

I could have married a guy who would cave in to my every demand and wish.  I dated a few.  No, let me change that ... every guy I dated before Andrew was that kind of guy.  Sweet ... but I could step right over them, and they would smile and let me do it.

Ever since we started dating, I always said Andrew was different...even when I couldn't put my finger on it.  Now I know.  He challenges me not to be selfish.  He will not let me be a selfish brat.  and even though I kick, scream, whine and yell ... deep down I know he is making me a better person.  He is completing me ... and I want to complete him.  I want to be better for him.

and that's why I find this challenge so interesting and intriguing and I'm excited to participate!

June 14 – Post Pictures from your dating days (or tell us all about it!). Think about one thing you used to do or have as a couple that you have lost in the shuffle of life. How can you regain it?

We met early one winter morning.  He knew who I was ... I was clueless.  He sent me a facebook message with his AIM screen name, and two normally shy people developed a wonderful relationship online.  Every time I was on the computer, I was checking my AIM to see if billytheeuph13 was on.  Our friendship was the deepest friendship I have ever built with someone in the shortest amount of time.  I think within a few weeks, he was just as good of a friend as a best friend I had known for years.

I talked to him about this guy I was totally crushing on.  Later in life he told me it killed him to give me advice, but he stood there and backed me up when I asked this other dude to go to formal with me.  He smiled, and told me congratulations.

And then, we went on a pep band trip.  I can't really explain, but on that trip something just triggered.  I didn't want to leave his side.  We explored the hotel together.  We watched tv in the lobby, and I gave him my gum.  For real, just put my chewed up used gum in his hand.  We played elbows in the hotel room until his roommates kicked me out so they could get some sleep.  I believe we feel in love that weekend.

But wait ... the Thursday before this trip, I had asked this other dude to formal, and here I am falling for my best friend.  Well guess what ... this other dude calls me on Sunday saying he would like to meet with me.  To make a long story short he pretty much tells me "God has told me that I'm not dating anyone until I meet the girl that I'm going to marry."  In a way I was crushed.  The first person I called was Andrew ... who was away on an Auburn Singers trip (yes, the day we got home he left again).  

He was sad for me (well, that's what he told me).  Before their performance I got an instant message asking me to that same formal.  I said "yes!" and it's happily ever after from there.
Well, mostly happily ever after ...
You know, we had our ups and downs while dating
and we have already had some ups and downs in our young marriage
but you know what
I believe in our relationship
because true love always works out
especially when you work to keep the true love strong!

These are my two favorite dating pictures ... I think they are both from 2005:

This post was so much fun ... ahhhh ... the memories!  I highly recommended this challenge to anyone, even if it's just to take a trip down memory lane

You know what I'm going to do to bring this feeling back -- I'm going to flirt more with my husband.  Back in the day ... someone once called me a flirt.  I'm sure it was meant to be a bit of an insult, but I just smiled.  I liked to flirt and I liked the attention.  So, I'm going to flirt more with my hubby to bring back those fun smiles and times!

...and he reads this :-)

Thought for this week:
How much time do you spend on a daily/weekly basis cultivating your marriage now? In what ways can you regain some of what has been lost in the daily shuffle of life?



  1. wow, look at andrew's hair :)

    seriously, i have to ponder on this...

  2. Thanks for joining in at Monday Madness! LOVE your blog!


  3. Well, since we were just "tweeting", I thought I'd swing by and see what you were up to! This is by far my favorite post I've read today. It's such a sweet one, and I love reading "how we met" stories :)

  4. Sound like a great challenge! I found you on Meet and Greet Monday. Nice to meet you! :)

  5. Awww, y'all are just too cute... even in your Auburn attire. ;) Great pics!

  6. what a fun story to read.. I loved all of the pictures.. Yeah to you and your husband..

  7. what a cute post! i totally agree with you on the flirting...makes our hubbies happy too! found you on the meet and greet and can't wait to read more:-)

  8. Thank You for stopping by my blog! I LOVE yours! The colors are beautiful! Have a great week!

  9. What a great post! I loved hearing your dating story, and the pictures are all so much fun! Spending more time flirting with your husband sounds like a great idea, it is sure one of those things you forget to do when you get busy with life!


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