Monday, June 28, 2010

What a Weekend

Oh my ... what a weekend we had!!!!

and I am totally counting today as part of the weekend because I had to take the day off to get the car fixed ... more on that later ...

Friday afternoon / evening we had our first Microbiology and Immunology Department picnic.  That was super fun, and it was at our favorite park ... Dragon park!  It's called that because it has this super cool mosaic dragon in the park (which I didn't get a picture of).  One day I should pepper y'all with pictures of that, lol!
Picnic time!
I was glad so many people came, especially since it was the first year trying out this idea.  It's always fun to see people from other labs ... because we usually just stick within our own little cliche labs.
Leah strutting her stuff on hopscotch
My boss and his girlfriend ... because I made them come :-).  They weren't going to come, and pretty much only talked to me, but eh ... I finally got to meet the girlfriend, lol!
Did I mention that everyone loved my girls?

Saturday we didn't do much ... kinda because we were afraid the wheel might fly off our car.  It started making this horrible clacking sound so we took it in.  The left wheel barring was extremely loose and even though the mechanic said it was ok to drive there's always that bit of doubt in the back of my mind ... especially at the thought of our wheel rolling away from the car.

So, we stayed home and played ...

Sunday evening we braved the car (well, Andrew had to brave it everyday because of work) and ventured to a large park to hear the WannaBeatles.  They were pretty sweet, and apparently it's a big deal ... we missed that memo before...

We took dinner, ate and listened ... and then went to the playground ... of course!  I have never seen so many teens and older kids on a playground ... although every time we go to events with teens around ... I worry that I age about ten years

...can you believe that girl is wearing that? ...
...listen to that language...
...oh, kids these days ...

and I thought I was cool

well, here are some pictures to take your mind off of my old-lady-ness

Monday ... otherwise known as today ... I went and got the car fixed.  I had to wait on it at Midas, and I was a bit worried it would be super boring.  I came armed with a huge book and their t.v. fixed on TBS sitcoms from the 90's.  Then two people also came in and waited on their car.  We ended up talking for like 2 hours!  It was crazy ... we all talked like old friends.

and our car is fixed and runs better than new!!!!

So, you see ... it's been a long day (and weekend).  I'll post my Completing Him challenge post tomorrow ... it's about praying for your husband!



  1. Wow that is scary about the car.. I would have wooried about it too.. Your babies are adorable..

  2. Glad the car is all better! And that picture of Andrew and Leah is super cute!

  3. glad to hear the car is better :)


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