Monday, February 15, 2010

Not My Southern Hospitality

On Saturday mornings, I volunteer at my church by refereeing Upwards basketball. We just started this year, so the program is in the making, but a great experience in which I'm honored to help. For football, hubby reffed and I planned the celebration. Well, due to foot problems, he can't ref bball, so I stepped up. Sometimes, he has to work Saturday mornings and this past Saturday was one of those. Friends and other parents watch my girls while I'm on the court.

I missed the first half of a game so I could feed Audrey her bottle (lady watching them was just too busy with Leah). The 16 year old boy who covered my spot DID NOT answer "Yes 'mam" to me. It DID NOT make me feel old. I DID NOT vent about it to the (slightly older) mom who was watching Leah. I DID NOT answer "Yes 'mam" to her in the next few sentences. I DID NOT feel extremely awkward. Nope, not me.

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