Monday, February 15, 2010

Giveaways Galore

I have the worst luck ever. I never win raffles or drawings or prizes. I called into a radio station for tickets, trying to be caller number 9, just to have the guy answer and tell me I was caller number 8. Man, I have the worst luck ever. But for some reason, I keep on trying. So, here are some awesome giveaways that I'm trying to win! If you must, you can enter them too...and you'll probably win before me, because I have the worst luck ever.

$50 WalMart Giftcard from Red Sox Mama. Ends 2/20. Check out her blog and tell her either you best money saving tip while grocery shopping or your favorite Super Bowl memory. My best grocery shopping money saving tip is never go shopping when you are hungry. For real, you just wanna buy everything!

Ultimate Beauty Giveaway at Rockin' Mama. Ends 2/25. Check out these amazing 7 products she is giving away. Visit four of them and learn something new. I learned that effervescent means bubbly and sparkly.

Dyson DC31 (a handheld vaccumm) at Desperately Seeking Deals. Ends 3/13. Her review says that more women wanted a new vaccumm than a diamond for Valentine's day. Really? They were either lying or already have tons of diamonds!

Princess Potty book at Baby Lovin' Mama from Scholastic. Ends 2/18. This book looks super cute. It even comes with its own award system!


  1. I've never won one either. Thanks for the round-up and for stopping by my blog!


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