Friday, February 12, 2010

Pastor is in my doors

This is a normal conversation in our house:

Leah: "Leah wanna go see Pastor. Where is pastor?"
Me: "Pastor is at his house with his family."
Leah: "Pastor come to my house? come see me?"
Me: "We will see him on Sunday."
Leah: "No Mommy, Pastor is in my doors. Leah go get him."

and she ran off to the kitchen cabinets that are her doors. I wasn't aware our Pastor lived in my kitchen.

As I'm typing this, Leah's bath water is running to fill up the tub. Leah goes into the bathroom and shuts the door.

Leah: "Mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy!!!!!!"
Me: "Yes Leah?"
Leah: "It locked Mommy. I can't get out."
Me (opening the unlocked door): "What's wrong?"
Leah (arms held to the sky): "I wet Mommy. Leah go in the tub."

She put her arms into the water. Guess she just had to reach some toy or another.

This is why I have a blog; to remember these precious moments, because...really...who has time to write stuff down anymore?

1 comment:

  1. Too sweet! I agree with the blog thing. Life is too hectic these days to write stuff down. What a joy it will be to look back on our blogs down the road.


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